Some Tucson Trip Synchronicities

Yesterday and today my mom and I went to go visit my sibling who lives down in Tucson. We have been trying to go down there together for months but this was the only weekend that all three of us had off work to see each other.

I wasn’t going to post anything about it since it was just a short personal family visit but several synchronicities occurred down there, some of which will be posted here.

(Side note) This was the first time my mom saw my apartment since I gave away almost everything. She was shocked! But luckily she is supportive and understands.

Now a Sprouts I went to had the address 4645. 645 was a number that ‘they’ had been showing me for the last couple of weeks:


According to the Angel’s Numbers website it may mean a home change (invitation to Agartha/RM?):


They have also been showing me the number 411 lately and according to the Angel’s Numbers website this includes information about a new role to take on soon. And it also happened to be posted at 6:45:


If we enter in the mirror of 645 = (546) into the Pi calculator we get 915:


Amazingly, 915 happens to take position 1314 (the digits of Pi) in the calculator. This is directly behind 210 which would be 1410 in military time. I don’t have a photo of it but we stayed in room 240, which you can find at the end of this string of numbers (today happens to be the 24th):


Today is the 24th, we stayed in room 240 at the hotel and the sprouts store happened to be number 24 as well!


The number 33 also happens to take position 24 in Pi:


My birth date 410 appeared again on the an electrical box on the balcony/patio area of the hotel we were staying at:


And while flipping through the cable (AKA Cabal) channels there was one channel playing new age music and on the screen was a song titled ‘Transformation’ on what might be the album which is called Goddess Awakening’:


There were many more but these are the ones I am guided to add at this time. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

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