More Jesus Synchronicities

‘They’ are really itching for me to re-home this laptop and soon but I feel like there are some more things that need to be published before that can happen. They keep sending me the ‘let go’ numbers (8s and 6s as you will see further down) and ‘A material item is going to leave your possession soon.’ Okay I get it! Almost done…


Just before getting back home a few minutes ago they were showing me 49 repeatedly. It means to finish off anything left undone:


We would start with the King James Bible website verse of the day:


Amazingly, this verse appears on the back windshield of a car in the apartment complex in live in. It has been there for years. I erased some of the other things to protect them as much as possible:


There is a plaza near-by where the wolf (my spirit animal) and a ministry happen to be:


Not only this but the suite number of one of their rooms is 205 which is half of 410:


There is an electrical box near-by all of this with the number 866 at the end of it:


The Love Frequency number 528 takes position 866 in Pi:


The gematria of the bible verse mentioned above is 86:


We get its mirror 86 | 68 when we enter in my full name using the same cipher:


And today’s date (July 8th 2018) adds up to 33 (the number of years Jesus allegedly lived) when we add the 7 + 8 + 18 together:



This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish each of you much love!

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