Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse

It’s interesting to me that a few of these most recent bible verses (which seem to be selected randomly via the King James Bible website) pertain to a good vs. evil theme. My research has certainly taken an unexpected turn in this direction, but it has been fruitful so far and worth the few who have probably unfollowed this blog because of it (I don’t blame them). Today’s verse is as follows:


We get a few synchronistic gematria values for this verse which I will describe below:


Using the simplest cipher we get a value of 810. 810 takes position 205 in Pi and 205 is half of 410 (my birthday):


After that is an 888 using Francis Bacon’s cipher.

Next is 918 using the same simple cipher but backwards. This was the time on Neo’s alarm clock in The Matrix.

And finally we see a 777 using a certain Kabbalah cipher.

All of these numbers could have different meanings or perhaps no meaning at all. It depends on the person doing the interpreting. But in my own opinion, when synchronicities appear, that is a time to pay attention as that is one of the ways that ‘they’ communicate with us here in the physical. Synchronicities = You’re on the right path.

Thanks for checking this out and I wish each of you much love as always <3


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