Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse

Today’s verse happens to be about the ‘Golden Rule’. Simply treat people the way you would want to be treated:


The gematria value of this verse happens to be 432 using the biblically-derived base-7 cipher:


This is a sacred number when one researches metaphysics. We know that the Universe is a living being and its main attribute is Love. So this number properly reflects this bible verse and the message contained within it.

432Hz is also known as the base frequency of the Universe. David Wilcock has talked about the science of this in his show Wisdom Teachings (Note: I’m pretty sure it was during one of these episodes, or one in between or after these two, where he talked about this, but I am not 100% certain):

Today’s date is September 11th. If we enter in 911 into Pi we get a familiar number = 1533. 1533 is military/24 hour clock time for 333:


We know the Cabal like to do things on certain dates, especially ones that are originally benevolent. And according to various sources, not all of them agreeing, but 9/11 was allegedly the date of Jesus’ birth. I don’t know this for certain, and there are countless layers of things that happened on that date, but it does match the Cabal’s behavior.

In any case this is everything for now. Thanks for checking it out and I wish each of you much love as always!

PS An interesting synchronicity appeared while I was typing in ‘September Eleventh’ into the gematria calculator. It happened to be 17 letters long. And Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. This year also happens to be the 17th years since 9/11 happened. Interestingly Q has posted some requests for the public to meme the hell out of this day:





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