More 410 Synchronicities

I have been guided to continue my research into the mysticism of gematria and the number 410, both of which are intimately connected and an important part of metaphysical research (mine at least).

I have discovered more Hebrew words with the gematria value of 410:

  • Holy
  • Heaven
  • Peace
  • Number
  • Love (With Love)
  • King
  • Salvation
  • Freedom
  • His Holiness
  • Sanctified

I would like to note here that I am not an expert in these studies by any means. Much of this is a very superficial level of understanding and knowledge, so please be aware of that before reading on. There are probably things I missed or left out but I am learning much of this as I go along.

I have also found that the gematria value for the first ‘mobile’ Jewish temple (which they used around Israel for centuries) is Mishkan (משכן) which is 410:


Then, the King Solomon Temple (the First Jewish Temple) was built after that, making the Mishkan unnecessary to be used. Based on the research I did, Jewish tradition states that it stood for 410 years:


“…Moreover the gematria of Mishkan (410) hints to the number of years during which there was evidence that the Shechinah dwelled among the Jewish people, in the first Temple which stood for 410 years…”

(Mayima Chronim)

“…After their sojourn in the Wilderness, the Israelites continued to use the Mishkan within the borders of Israel for hundreds of years, throughout the period of Judges. It was only in the time of Kings David and Solomon that the Beit HaMikdash, the permanent Temple in Jerusalem, was constructed, and the Mishkan was no longer necessary. Its holy vessels were transplanted to the Temple, where they stood for 410 years (according to tradition) until the Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, led by Nebuchadnezzar…”


“…The gematria of “Mishkan” equals 410, the number of years that the First Temple stood…”

Some of these websites appeared to be quite orthodox and not just authored by someone who decided to throw around some random numbers and dates. In any case, the 410 appearing over and over again throughout such significant historical events is still manifesting and I have no doubt there will be more instances of this.

For example, this upcoming November 11th has some connections to 410 also. The gematria value of that date spelled out is 410 using Francis Bacon’s cipher:


My birthday 4/10/90 and 11/11/18 both add up to 33:


And the gematria value of the phrase ‘The Number Four Ten’ is 205 (half of 410) and 227 (by reversing the cipher):


We know 22/7 is the equivalent of Pi = 3.142 which appears frequently throughout these synchronicities.

This also happens to be post number 23810:


We know that 205 takes position 810 in Pi:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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