Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse

Greetings all! Part of me still can’t believe I am writing these…Today’s verse is as follows:


The gematria value is 642:


And if we plug-in 642 into Pi we get 820 which is the result of adding 410 + 410:


Interestingly, this was the time that QAnon posted their most recently statement (at least in Arizona time, 1842 = 6:42 PM):



Additionally, after archiving this post I noticed the website captured the screenshot at 4:10 AM:


Today, October 12th, is the 285th day of the year:


If we type in 285 into Pi we get 1200, which can be seen as either midnight or noon in a time format. It could symbolize the clock striking the hour, although I wouldn’t bet on anything big happening just from finding these numbers:


And if we type in the verse number = Genesis 28:15 (2815) into Pi we get a very interesting set of numbers. We see the same numbers but in a different order:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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