410 and Pi Continues to Appear

So after going to town today to get a few things I found a couple of instances of the magic 410 and Pi appearing once more.

410 appeared on a license plate while I was walking out of the store:


And while I was at Goodwill I found a phone case which said ‘Pie’ on it…


And here is a big one from yesterday. While I was working on the English version of the 11/11 meditation I saw that it was uploaded at 3:14 PM:


And amazingly, we find Pi again in the upload time of the promo video:


It finished uploading at 15:59 which is 3:59 in 12-hour time. And if we add the 5 and 9 we get 14 so finally it would look like 314.

‘They’ have recently been showing me the numbers 25 and 821 also (among countless others). When I went to look up the meaning of these numbers I found that the meaning of the number 25 was posted at 8:21:


And if we plug-in 821 into Pi we get 101, which was Neo’s apartment number in The Matrix:



And we find 821 backwards (the time it was posted) when we look up the meaning of the number 1027, which is today’s date:


The view count was just as interesting!


A couple of combinations of 821 appeared as part of the randomly selected user name on Voat when I posted information about the upcoming meditations:


And another combination of 821 appeared in David Wilcock’s newest article where he shared a screenshot of the Presidential Alert text message from several weeks ago:

And I am being guided to include yesterday’s (the 26th) bible verse (something I tried to ignore, I know the verse sounds pretty…loud)


The gematria value of this verse is 1222 and 471:


This number 1222 appeared on two receipts recently, one from the 24th and one from today the 27th:



And the next number 471 takes position 1221 in Pi. And we know 12/21 was the last date on the Mayan Calendar, marking the day we left the Age of Pisces and entered the Age of Aquarius:


This is everything for now, much love all!

PS When I went to archive this post a second time after adding a couple of things I did so at 5:55 PM (the time for the Archive.org website):


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