Dream About Busting a High-Tech Human Trafficking/Crime Facility with the Stargate SG-1 Team

So I was having a hard time figuring out how to word the title to this dream. The place I saw was literally a huge high-tech building which looked like a huge Walmart/Casino/Hotel which was constructed solely for the purpose of openly serving the interests of those who wished to use/buy human sex slaves, gamble or commit any other type of awful crime. And for some reason the Stargate SG-1 team was working on this…Don’t ask me why lol. Here is the dream:

(October 28th,  2018 06:15 AM)

“I was shown sex trafficking secrets. I was working with the Stargate SG-1 team to help and take down human trafficking.

We found out several secrets about the trade. We found one huge mall/center/casino/criminal get-away in the middle of no where (it looked like it was in the desert) which catered specifically to people seeking out these services. They didn’t hide it at all. The title reflected this evil activity in big pink letters but now I don’t remember the name.

We found out that whenever you see a mannequin holding an invisible cell phone in their hand up to their ear, it was a sign that you could purchase human sex slaves or rent their services.

There was a large computerized system which helped customers figure out what they wanted, it would explain prices for services in a nice British woman’s voice. It reminded me of that scene from ‘Taken’ where the women were being auctioned.

Inside this location was very large. I believe we flew in a helicopter as I remember looking at it from off the ground. Anyways we were talking to other agents about how these things work and it was very disturbing.

It was like a giant high-tech brothel/casino/crime mall. It was horrible. It looked like a casino inside, there was a lot of decorations like a very upscale hotel.”

This was the closest photo of what the building looked like that I could find on the internet. It was very high-tech looking like it was built similarly to buildings in Japan or Dubai:

Image result for rural casino desert

My only hope is that this was just a dream and that such a place is a fantasy, although knowing these Cabal people I can easily imagine them creating something just like this. Anyways this is everything for now, much love all.

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