A Couple More 410 Sychronicities Among Others

This won’t be a very long report. I went to check the QAnon Voat site to see if there was any interesting news out and on the front page someone had posted this headline featuring a 410:


When I clicked on this link and found page 410 it was an e-mail calling for Hillary to be indicted or for those receiving the e-mail to resign:


Another instance of this 410 appearing for a short while was on Benjamin Fulford’s blog in the comments section. With his new blog layout all of the comments had been individually numbered, and for a short time recently they all started with 410:


The first comment with this 410 number started on September 26th this year. Interestingly, 9/26 is the 269th day of the year, so on that day, the day of the year had the same digits as the date, but in a different order. On that day there also happened to be 96 days remaining in the year so here we see the numbers appearing again.


And the number 510 has been appearing frequently lately. It appears when we plug this post number into Pi:



Adding this one later on today, after typing in 410 into Google I found that there were headlines about a crash on the Loop 410 in Texas:


This is everything for now, much love all.


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