Divinely-Guided Visit to Another Town with Big Synchronicities

So I have been helping my step-dad work on these gates that someone had asked him to build and we finally went to install them today. Little did I know that this would be a trip with several interesting synchronicities. I knew it was going to be a special trip when we went to go get gas and the amount of gallons put in was 10.037. So here the sacred number 137 appeared.

Then when we got to the house I was in shock when I saw the address. It was 155:

Of course I won’t say where this person lived to protect their identities. Some might remember that plugging in 155 into Pi equals, Pi, 314:


And when I saw the next door neighbor’s address I was also shocked. It was 165:


And the gematria value of the first verse of the bible is 2701, which takes position 165 in Pi:




And we see 410 appear just before 2701 in the string of numbers.

Another interesting occurrence was while we were working on installing the gates a couple of guys came over and asked us about whether or not we go to church and wondered if we would go visit theirs on Sunday. Of course we couldn’t go regardless because we lived almost an hour away. But it was an interesting synchronicity which fits the theme of all of these synchronicities.

The next synchronicity was when we went to the gas station so my mom and step-dad could get some food. I found some motivational signs and one really jumped out:


Message received.. Much love all <3

PS I am not sure why but this post number happens to have a 666 in it. Of course this is not a negative number as most people think. It is one that appears once in a while and it usually means one’s thoughts are out of balance and that they are worried about the material world too much. In any case I will share it here:


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