Dream About Being Mass Drugged at a Church

So this dream was pretty strange, as most of these are…I don’t know if it was a memory, someone else’s experience or just something symbolic but it felt important to write down and I will share it here.

November 20th 2018 04:46 AM

“Dream where a bunch of my friends and I were drugged at a church.

I remember that I attended a church service once with several friends. I stood up one day and said something critical of the church and its teachings.

Then the pastor ordered that everyone be given a mandatory inoculation to prevent ‘evil’ from spreading. They had a bunch of guards there to enforce this. I slowly tried to get up and walk away.

The grounds of the church were very spacious and they had so many guards there. There was no escape. I remember going to the bathroom and trying frantically to find a way to get away.

Then a guard comes in and tries to escort me back to the church where they were giving everyone the shot. I saw my friends and we all quickly agreed to try and run away as quickly as possible. Maybe some of us would escape.

But the guards got all of us and brought us back. I told the young man that what he is a part of is f***ing evil.

The pastor heard me and laughed and said “oh a swear word?”

It seemed the pastor wanted to experiment on us. Then I started forgetting things. I forgot how and when I got the shot. But I knew I got it.

Then I found some YouTube videos of people I knew who started to have problems. One of my friends’ personality changed completely. They were not the same person after that.

I think another friend was having bleeding problems. I told her that this was just like the Roman Empire. Except with more guards. And then I woke up.”

What was strange was that in the dream I remember that I got the shot but then when I tried to remember what happened the details were gone. But I knew they were there before.

And I think I was an adult in the dream because my friends looked to be around my age now (20s). In any case I got pretty bad vibes from this one. I’ve had other dreams where I was in the body of someone being tortured horribly. There was one where I was floating around this enclosed area where several people in red robes were repeatedly stabbing a body on lying on the ground. After thinking about it some more I thought maybe I was the one that was sacrificed. But I guess to understand something one has to experience it.

This is all for now, much love all.


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