Took Internet Break, Huge Synchronicity Report (Second Coming Synchronicities)

My apologies for not writing anything for several days. There was an unplanned but necessary break from the internet (and most technology) that took place that I am grateful for.

The synchronicities you will read here are very incredible. Today I was guided to wear all white. Wearing all white appears to be some kind of ritualistic or energetic thing ‘they’ have me do at certain times and on certain days. I never know which day it is going to be. But you can be assured that on these days there are EPIC synchronicities that are to be discovered. Today was no different.


Today’s date is November 27th, 2018 or 11/27. This is the 331st day of the year:

Amazingly, if we plug in 331 into Pi, we get 1127, today’s date:


In all of these synchronicity reports, I don’t think that has ever happened before. Additionally, the gematria value of ‘Second Coming’ is 331:


I will also share today’s synchronistic bible verse:


Also synchronistically, while I was warming up the car to to go to town and get groceries I got a text from my step-dad asking for help with moving some stuff into his trailer and taking it to the scrap yard, which I of course agreed to do. So this bible verse, which states that we should all help and love one another, was exactly in sync with this request.

The gematria value of this verse is 4826 using two ciphers:


4826 appears directly behind 410 backwards (014) in Pi:


If we enter in the bible verse (10:24) number backwards (4201) we see that this takes position 701 in Pi:


And we know 410 plus 701 equals 1111:


So after driving to town I decided whether or not I would go to the store and get some juice so I would have the energy to help move a bunch of heavy stuff. And I asked ‘them’ if I should go to the store near-by or the one closer to my step-dad. And ‘they’ gave me the emotion of ‘HERE’.

So I go in an get my juice and I am greeted with another familiar Jesus-related number on my receipt = 1223:


12/23 was the date I had a QHHT hypnotherapy session where I was shown that I was supposed to play the role of Jesus, which I vehemently denied and avoided. I am still not really sure about that. The transaction number was 9406, and from this we can drop the zero and get 946. This is another important number that appeared on an electrical box near my old apartment:


The synchronicities didn’t end there of course. ‘They’ filled this whole day of synchronicity and magic.

So after we finished loading everything up on the trailer we headed over to the scrap metal yard, and if you can believe this, we had to turn down a street just after mile marker 331:


I wanted to share another story here which ended up with me getting into a losing battle with ‘them’ over reading the last few pages of one of Dolores Cannon’s books. The several day break ‘they’ had me take seemed to be an effort to get me to finish this book I got from the library. It’s quite long and ‘they’ wouldn’t let me touch my laptop until it was finished.

I didn’t like how the last part of the book was going (only like 4 pages left) and so I said I’m done, I’m putting it down and I don’t want to read anymore of it. And they gave me the emotion of “READ IT NOW”. And I refused and told them not to mention it again. This went on for several hours and by the end of the day I was quite angry at them. I tried to go on my laptop but I felt a very strong ‘NO’ from them throughout my whole body. They weren’t going to let me do anything else until I finished the damn book.

So the next morning I was in a much better mood and said fine I will read it. And I apologized to them. I feel really bad for them honestly. I cuss at them and cuss at myself and many days I am a total mess. But I told them that no matter what I say I always love and appreciate them, and I think they know that.

So after finally reading the rest of the book I realized there was a reason for needing to finish it. And ‘they’ let me go on my laptop again. Woohoo!

The synchronicity was that there were 693 pages in the book:


And this particular post number ends in 693:


And last but not least while driving back home I was greeted with a sign titled ‘Walk Thru Bethlehem’ which is something the city of Prescott is doing starting in a few days. They have decorated the capitol building with Christmas decorations so that is going to be going on. But I drove past the sign thinking I didn’t need a photo of it and ‘they’ said go back and get it:


Interestingly, there was construction being done on the road I usually would have taken, which avoids the slow traffic of the town and goes around it, but because of that I took this road instead and saw this sign.

This is everything for now, much love all!

‘They’ wanted it known that the date I am posting this is on November 27th 2018 and not 11/28 which will show according to WordPress’ time.

november 27.png

And amazingly, after finishing up this report I found that before this sentence I had typed 906 words. And the gematria value of Jesus Christ is 906:



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