Synchronicity Report

The number 33 has been manifesting more lately and I would like to share those synchronicities in addition to a few others. The first instance is today’s synchronistic bible verse, Psalms 3:3:


Next was a modem that I put up for sale on Amazon months ago when I first moved up here and I was trying to make a little money from the few things I had. And just today someone bought it. I listed it for 33.33 and interestingly there is a custom series of numbers which is part of the receipt and this ends in 410:



So here we see 33 and 410 appearing on the same receipt.





Next is the amount of days remaining in the year after today which is 31:


And if we enter in 31 into Pi we get the magic number 137:


And one great composer Thomas Bergersen uploaded one of his newest songs called ‘A Storm is Brewing’ just today from his latest album ‘American Dream’. I borrowed one of the songs from that album to make Final Battle IV. He is an incredible composer and the song is worth listening to:


This is everything for now, much love all!

Adding these later on in the evening. I was just getting the number 255 today and decided to look up its meaning and saw the view count ended in 410:


So then I decided to plug 255 into Pi and I found 319 just before it in the string of numbers:


And 15:19 (3:19 PM) was the time The Beauty of the Cosmos II was uploaded:

1519.pngAlso as I went to archive this page I noticed the time it was saved via’s time ended in 946. This is another synchronistic number that has been appearing:


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