Synchronicity Report (Jesus, 410 & Others)

Greetings all! Here is today’s synchronicity report. I will start out with today’s synchronistic bible verse:


If we plug in the verse number (5111) into Pi we see it appears right after the number 337:


And today December 3rd is the 337th day of the year:


410 is connected directly to the number 337. By subtracting the reflective number 73 from 410 we get 337:


It is the same when the number is reversed. 410 minus 37 = 373:


There is an entire website dedicated to these important reflective numbers 37 and 73:


The gematria value of ‘Logos’ (λόγος) is 373:


The Law of One speaks about the Logos many times. It is another name for God/Source/The All/The Creator etc.:

(Law of One)

Ra: Its infinite intelligence coalesces into foci of intelligent energy. These foci call light into being, thereby establishing a pattern of natural laws and creating what we call a galaxy. (13.13)

Questioner: What do we call such a focus?

Ra: The Logos, the Creative Principle, or Love. (13.7)

Ra: Awareness led to the focus of infinity into infinite energy. You have called this by various vibrational sound complexes, the most common to your ears being “Logos” or “Love.” The Creator is the focusing of infinity as an aware or conscious principle called by us as closely as we can create understanding/learning in your language, intelligent infinity.”

Amazingly the above excerpt is from session 13 question 7, so here we see the magic number 137 appearing.

And the Logos is another title given to Jesus:

Here is more on these numbers:

(Bible Gematria)

  • 37 and 73 are reflective numbers
  • 37 and 73 are the 12th and 21st prime numbers respectively
  • 12 and 21 are reflective numbers
  • 12² (144) and 21² (441) are also reflective numbers
  • 73 is the 37th odd number
  • human body temperature = 37 degrees Celsius

And interestingly the gematria value of ‘April Tenth’ is 123 (today’s date = 12/3):


And for the first time that I have ever seen so far there is a collection of the most significant numbers all in one sequence of numbers in Pi after entering in this blog post’s number = 24900:




Above from right to left we see:

  • 365 = Number of days in a solar year
  • 528 = Frequency known as the Love Frequency (528Hz)
  • 369 = Sacred geometric number
  • 410 = Capstone metaphysical number
  • 123 = Today’s date

And I would like to share another piece of information here. The gematria value of Jesus’ original name in Hebrew = Yeshua (ישוע) is 386:


And if we reverse this number we get 683 which takes position 2018 in Pi (the current year):


This is everything for now, much love all.

Adding these later on in the evening. I have found out that the words ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ appear 337 times in the King James Bible:


And the word ‘Jesus’ appears in 942 verses. So this number 942 has appeared once again.


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