Synchronicity Report (Second Coming, Other Positive Things)

Before getting into this report I just wanted to share that I am not having to look very hard for these things. They usually just show up when I visit a website. That’s how it works with synchronicity, the less you try, and the more you believe, the better and more amazing they are.

So the first few will be connected to today’s date December 4th or 12/4. This number 124 gives us some interesting and positive gematria values:




If we use the day/month format we get even more interesting values, including ones about Solar Flares (X-Flare is the classification for the biggest solar flares) Saint Germain, Jesus and Blue Birds:






And today is the 338th day of the year:


The gematria of the phrase ‘The Return of Jesus of Nazareth’ is 338:


I have also found that the gematria value of the phrase ‘Jesus Christ of Nazareth’ has a value of 265:


And after April 10th (my birthday) there are 265 days left in the year:


The gematria value of the Hebrew word for ‘The Messiah’ (משיח) is 358:


358 appears directly after 265 in Pi at position 9, which is the number of completion, among other meanings:


I have also been guided to go back and analyze certain important dreams and events in my life and I am finding incredible details within those dates, in addition to the actual event itself. This includes the dream I had about the Galactic Wave of Love. This dream occurred on March 22nd, earlier this year 2018 and during the dream the wave hit me a couple of times and when it did light started coming from my hands. It looked like the scene where Neo is fighting the Smith agents in the first movie:

Image result for neo smith agent light

After checking the Angel’s Numbers website about the number 322 I got a 369 in the view count on the side of the page:


Now I found that March 22nd is the 81st day of the year:


Amazingly, a magic square can be created with 81 numbers that don’t repeat and each side adds up to 369, a very sacred geometric number. If you feel guided, try it for yourself, it all added up when I did it:


This is in addition to dividing 410 by 369 which results in 1.1111 which goes on forever. The Infinite One:


And last but not least, if we plug in today’s date into Pi (12/4) we get the sacred geometric number 1080:


There are 360 degrees in a circle and if we multiply 360 x 3 we get 1080. There are many more things that are connected with this number that others can find.

This is everything for now, much love all!

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