Other Assorted Synchronicities (Jesus, Etc.)

This will be a collection of several synchronicities I have been recently guided to pertaining to Jesus and other topics. The number 307 has been appearing recently and following this number has yielded some very interesting results.

I first noticed it as the time Cobra posted his most recent coded update:


When I went to check the meaning of the number 307 on the Angel’s Numbers website. There just happened to be a 307 in the view count:


Also this years (2018) summer solstice took place on June 21st at 3:07 AM Arizona time:


Synchronistically, this was the date my mom and her husband (who are soul mates) got married. And what made it amazing was that they didn’t know it was the summer solstice.

I have been guided to go back and listen to Dolores Cannon’s information on the life of Jesus once again (after many many times already) and the last video was published on November 3rd.


November 3rd happens to be the 307th day of the year:


Additionally, 307 is the gematria value of the words ‘Son of Man’ which is a title often applied to Jesus:


And ‘Bridge of Light’:


We see the magic number 137 appearing as the gematria value of ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’:


The Dead Sea Scrolls are scrolls that were found around the location of where the Essene community was operating at Qumran in Israel. Jesus was taught by the Essenes and his mother and father were both members. The Essene community was a mystery school that had regular contact with extraterrestrials and higher density being (AKA angels).

The information found on those scrolls was said to be the most amazing discovery ever to be found by mankind. But after reading it the people who had them decided to suppress them because it was saying that there was a Christianity before Christ, among other things which were conflicting with their belief systems. It all didn’t start with Jesus. The Essenes were part of the Brotherhood of the Star which was helping to shape the planet into a benevolent world where love was the foundation of everyone’s life and balance the negative activities of the Cabal. They have been around since the time of Atlantis.

All of this information and more can be found in one of Dolores Cannon’s podcasts:

Next are gematria values for the number 205, which is half of 410:




And lastly this particular post ends in 963, so here we see the sacred 369 appearing:


This is everything for now, much love all!

PS ‘They’ would like it known that this report is being done on December 4th and not the 5th which is what WordPress’ time will show:


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