Synchronicity Report (410, Second Coming, Blue Bird & More)

Just going to be sharing a collection of synchronicities that I have been guided to. Some of these I dug up yesterday to save myself time posting them today.

Today December 2nd (12/2) is the 336th day of the year:


And we know the number 925 takes position 336 in Pi:


925 happens to be the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’:


The Greek gematria of the word ‘Angels’ (αγγελοι) is 122:


If we see the date in the day/month format 2/12 we will see some interesting values. 212 is the Hebrew gematria for the ‘The Light’ (האור):


‘Light’ or ‘Splendor’ (זהר):


‘There Are No Coincidences’:


‘Warrior of the Light’:


The number 438 has a special significance within these works and it is connected to the magic number 410. If we plug this number into Pi we see it takes position 1681, which is the root number when we multiply 410 x 410:



438 is the gematria value of a few interesting words and phrases:




There are a couple more numbers for the phrase ‘His Second Coming’ that I would go into some more. The number 191 takes position 1944 in Pi which was the year a prophecy was given and shared on Facebook by Corey Goode:


And the next number is 942 which is a number that has been appearing here and there but I haven’t bothered to document it because there are so many at this point.

And here are some interesting gematria values related to the words ‘Blue Bird’:


  • 73 and 37 = Reflective numbers which correspond to the bible and metaphysics
  • 125 = If this number is seen as an amount of meters, it would equals 410 feet
  • 144 = Another metaphysical number which appears in many different forms
  • 438 = Another metaphysical number which has been written about earlier in this article
  • 31 = This is a another strong metaphysical number especially related to Pi and gematria

It is unusual to have so many metaphysical numbers appear for just two words. But these aren’t just any normal two words. We know the Blue Avians have been a part of humanity’s history going back to ancient times. They are just as much a part of our history as we are to it.

And finally today’s synchronistic bible verse is the same from yesterday, Jeremiah 33:3. I don’t know if the person that changes it everyday is going to do it today but they usually do it early in the morning, assuming it is a person. But this will be three days in a row where the numbers have all threes in them:

November 30th:


December 1st:


Today December 2nd:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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