Star Trek Ascension Episode Synchronicities

I was guided to go back and watch the Star Trek: Next Generation episode (Season 3 Episode 25) about a man who turns into a light being titled ‘Transfigurations’. It follows a man who the Enterprise crew rescues after his unconscious body is discovered at a crash site on a near-by planet. Long story short, his government was afraid of this and tried to kill him or anyone showing the signs in order to maintain the control over their society. (Sound familiar?)

I decided to dig a little bit and see what kind of secret information was hidden within the details of this episode and all I can say is WOW. It’s important to keep in mind that Pi is the key here. Pi appears throughout all of these synchronistic works and continues to appear over and over as I dig through all of this.

First we see the digits of Pi in today’s date. December 7th is the 341st (314) day of the year with 24 days remaining:


The gematria value of ‘Transformation into Energy’ is 1413, or Pi backwards. There are 24 letters in this phrase and after today there are 24 days remaining in the year:


This episode was from Season 3 and it is episode 25. If we take the number 325 and plug it into Pi we see Pi once again in the position number = 3146:



The air date for this episode was June 4th, 1990. Amazingly, June 4th is the 155th day of the year:


And we know if we plug 155 into Pi we get Pi = 314:


We even see the magic number 137 in the ‘production code’ which is 713 (see screenshot above). What are the odds of that….

Additionally, if we multiply the digits of 6/4/1990 (minus the one and zero of course) we get 1944:


And we know 1944 was the year a prophecy about the current Earth changes we are experiencing was given. This prophecy also talked about waves of energy hitting the planet. Corey Goode was asked to share this on Facebook by Raw-Tear-Eir:


There are of course personal connections to this episode and its finer details. If we look up the meaning of the number 325 on the Angel’s Numbers website, we see it was posted at 2:05 PM and 205 is half of 410:


325 brings up some interesting and positive gematria values in Greek.

‘One’ (ενος):


‘New’ (νεος):


‘Righteous’ (δικαιοις):


‘Hope’ (ελπις):


‘Sanctified’ (ηγιασμενη):


And ‘Glory’ (κλεος):


What is also interesting is that this being ‘John’ (the crash caused his memory to disappear temporarily so this is what the crew named him) was wearing a white one piece suit until his transformation. What I found interesting is that ‘they’ guide me to wear all white on certain synchronistic days. Synchronicities on those days are huge and I never know which day it is going to be.

Related image

John Dressed in All-White in the Middle Who Later Turns into a Light Being

After thinking about it more it appears that ‘John’ might be illustrating the role that Jesus played. While John was going through his ‘ascension symptoms’ (body pains, bursts of light energy, rapid self-healing) he manifested the ability to heal and even bring another crew member back from the dead. Something that Jesus was reported to have done. Just a few thoughts to ponder…

I would like to add another few pieces of information here about another Star Trek Next Gen episode which jumped out. It’s called ‘Journey’s End’ (Season 7 Episode 20) and it’s about how the Enterprise is ordered to relocate a group of Native Americans from a planet they had settled on in order to maintain a treaty.

One of the Native Americans was in disguise and was actually an extraterrestrial/extradimensional being who makes contact with one of the crew members (young Wesley Crusher) and takes him on a journey to discover himself. He was seeking a career in Starfleet because of his father and not because of his own wishes, which he didn’t understand at first. These two had contact in Season 1 Episode 6 ‘Where None Have Gone Before’ where this same being accidentally takes the Enterprise to the Astral Plane (their thoughts became reality). This extradimensional being identified Wesley as someone like Mozart, with a gift for time and propulsion. He said people like Wesley are why they traveled among the humans.

What I found interesting was a similar experience I had when an Hopi elder approached me at a grocery store and told me about all of the Earth changes that are happening and that are going to happen which will result in the prophesied golden age which the Hopis are very aware of (they call is the coming of the Fifth World). He told me about his book which I found out later was published on my birthday 4/10.

He said our meeting wasn’t an accident. This was something similar that the extraterrestrial being in the show said to the crew member (Wesley) which was “I have known that you were coming to us for the past two years.” Of course there may not an actual connection here but it is something that came up when I thought more about it. But after seeing this episode of Star Trek it really made me scratch my head.

Another interesting connection here was the episode names before and after ‘Journey’s End’ = ‘Genesis’ and ‘First Born’:

journey's end.png

The first verse of the bible (Genesis 1:1) has been coming up repeatedly throughout these works and I also happen to the be the firstborn of my family. I am the eldest of three boys. So here the sacred 3 appears. One thing that you find over and over when doing this kind of research is that the Universe does everything in 3s.

For instance, a good majority of people at the hospitals I worked at knew that patients coded (actively dying) in 3s. It was a very consistent pattern that everyone eventually caught onto. One person would code, then another and then another in a sequence. Very strange but very real nonetheless.

Another thing I wanted to share here was that the episode ‘Transfigurations’ from earlier in this article aired on June 4th 1990. This is 55 days after my own birth (4/10/90). Interestingly after looking up the meaning of the number 55 on the Angel’s Numbers website I saw the date it was posted was July 12th or 7/12.



If we use the day/month format we get the same number from today’s date December 7th = 7/12. Obviously it’s not the same date but the same numbers have appeared within the details of these synchronicities which makes them all the more interesting.

This is everything that I am being guided to include this time. Also ‘they’ wanted it known that the date this article was done was on December 7th and not the next day which is what WordPress’ time will show.


I will close this article off with the scene from Star Trek where ‘John’ (that’s what the crew named him since he couldn’t remember anything after the crash) transforms into a light being. Much love all!

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