More Synchronicities Related to Today’s Date & Others

Today seems to be one of those ‘important days’ where there is a lot of information and data crammed into one day or number. This number is today’s date = December 13th 12/13.

1213 is the 198th prime number and I have found several gematria values which correspond nicely to the theme of these synchronicities:


198 is the gematria value of the following words and phrases:

‘Christ Four Ten’:


‘Calm Before the Storm’:


‘The Proof of Gematria’:


‘All Things Are Revealed’:


‘The Heavenly Goddess’:


‘Magic’ (which also has a value of 33):


And ‘Widsom and Knowledge’:


Another number has been coming up a lot lately and that is 612. Interestingly if we divide 1213 by 198 we get 6.1262626…which goes on and on. We also see a Pi in the amount of search results when I did this calculation on Google:


The sum of the divisors for 612 is 1638:


If we see 1638 as military time it would be 4:38 in 12 hour clock time. And if we plug 438 into Pi we get 1681, which is the root number of 410 x 410 = (168100). So many of these roads lead to 410….


Interestingly the gematria value of ‘The Numerology of Jesus’ is 1638:


612 is the gematria value of ‘Coming Home’:


‘Lone Wolf’:


‘Yehoshua’ (One of Jesus’ names in Hebrew):


And ‘The Guide to Faith’:


I also wanted to include that I saw the number 232 in a dream recently along with a date that I am not 100% sure about. I won’t share it in case it ends up being nothing (which is most likely) but I definitely saw a date with that number.  I am not being guided to go any deeper into that number yet but I will eventually. Everything in its time. Everything for a reason.

This is all for now, much love all!


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