More Pi & Jesus, Second Coming Related Synchronicities

Lots of things to be found today, and there may be more than this. Here are some gematria values I’ve found on a website I use frequently in addition to others I plugged in. As always, discernment advised with everything you read here and everywhere else:

‘An Endless Circle’: (value is the digits of Pi)


‘The Circle is a Symbol of Eternity’ (value is the magic 137) (contains 28 letters and 7 words, just like the first verse of Genesis in Hebrew):


‘The Holy King James Bible Version’:

314king james.png

‘The Rising of the Holy Phoenix’:


‘Imagining a World Without War”:


‘The Collective Consciousness’:


‘Cosmic Christ Consciousness’:


‘The Secrets of the Ancient Pyramids’:


‘Know Thyself’:

know thyself.png

‘Seven Hundred Seventy Seven’ (this number has been appearing much more frequently recently):


The meaning of the number 777 was posted at 10:00 AM so here we see the sacred number 1000 appearing:


‘Son of Man Has Returned on April Tenth Nineteen Ninety’:

son of man.png

The number 555 has been appearing in the biggest ways lately:

I found that the gematria value of “The firstborn of all creation” (בְּכֹר לְכָל נִבְרָא) in Hebrew happens to be 555 (Note: when I went to translate this it just came up as ‘in all cases’, although the website I got it from was Times of Israel from a blogger who appears to be fluent in Hebrew, I would place a ‘discernment advised’ here):


It is interesting to note that I am the first born in my family, and I was born in the hospital that I worked at which had an address of 5555:


I recently documented a day where 555 appeared all day long. My family and I went to the Cliff Castle Casino which has an address of 555:


I got a picture next to the entrance of the high-roller Club 555 room in the casino:


The RV that I am living in was purchased from a dealership in Wickenberg Arizona with an address of 555:


And the RV came with a Jesus medallion right under the thermostat:


555 appears at the beginning of The Matrix when Trinity is explaining to Cypher that she believes Neo (who is basically Jesus) is the One:


Interestingly if we plug in 555 into Pi we see a 17 (connection to QAnon? Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet):


Amazingly, today’s Gaia Portal energy update has some relevant information here too. The gematria value of this update is 1555 and it contains 137 letters. So here we see the number 555 appearing in concert with these synchronicities and the magic number 137 as well:



The gematria value of ‘Christ the Son of God’ is 205 (half of 410) and this is 17 letters also:


Since Pi is the theme of these synchronicities I would reiterate a couple of previous gematria values:

The gematria value of ‘Pi is Everything’ and my birthday spelled out is 1116 using the same cipher:



The value of ‘You Are All God’ is 438 and we know this number takes position 1681 in Pi which is the root number of the result of 410 x 410 = 168100:

This is everything for now, much love all!

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