Some More Second Coming, Liberation Synchronicities

I am being guided to add these here at this time.

The gematria values of ‘Jesus is Coming’ are 1223 and 1661:


1223 or December 23rd (12/23) was the date I had a QHHT hypnotherapy session where I was shown to be playing the role of Jesus:


And the next number 1661 has amazingly just appeared within these works. It is the gematria value of ‘What Are the Odds of That?’:


This number appeared on a rest stop wall that I stopped at the other day:


1223 is the gematria value of ‘Love is Timeless’:


1223 is the 200th prime number:


The gematria value of ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ is 200 and 205 (half of 410):


Amazingly the same values with the same two ciphers appear for the words ‘Prepare Yourself’:


The value of ‘Geometrical Numbers’ is also 200:

geometrical numbers.png

The value of ‘Galactic Reunion’ is also 200:


The meaning of the number 200 indicates that everything is going according to divine order:


The value of ‘The Clock is Going to Strike the Hour’ is the sacred 369 and 141:


141 takes position number 1 in Pi:


The value of the phrase ‘It’s the Most Exciting Time in the History of the Universe’ happens to be 227 which is how we get the approximate value of Pi = 22 / 7 = 3.142:


The gematria value of ‘The Light at the End of the Tunnel’ is 410:


The value of ‘Earth is Going to be Liberated’ is 1159 which can also be seen as a clock that is about to strike the hour:


This number also seems to be connected to the sacred 5558 that Ben Fulford talked about recently. Plugging 5558 into Pi gives us 2359, which would be military time for 11:59 PM:


This particular post number happens to end in 524:


When we follow the numbers when we plug 524 into Pi it leads us to 1610 which is military time for 410:

524 is also the gematria value of my full name and birthday spelled out using the most simple cipher:


I went to look for the meaning of the number 1611 (this is a big synchronistic number that appears once in a while; I drove 1611 miles to Dimensions of Disclosure, 1611 is the year the KJV bible was published, among other things) on the Angel’s Numbers website and it happened to be posted at….5:24 PM:


524 is the value of ‘The Gift of Gematria’:


524 is the value of ‘The Time is Close’ (I know ‘close’ has been used to death, discernment advised here, ‘they’ still want this posted here):


And the gematria value of ‘In Paradisum’ (Latin for ‘Into Paradise’) is also 524:


This is everything I am being guided to include at this time. Definitely some wild stuff coming out at this time. Although even if no one believes any of this (which is mostly likely) at least it might be interesting. Much love all!

PS After archiving this post I saw that it was saving it at 9:36 PM so here we the sacred 369 appear:


And after visiting and adding a thing or two to this page I realized I finished checking it over at 5:24 PM:


Interestingly, this post before this sentence has 491 words in it, and there happens to be 491 people following this blog:


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