New Video: The Final Battle VI 432Hz

This video was one of the hardest ones I think I’ve ever put together. Initially about a couple of weeks ago or so I had picked out a different song and actually put the video together. But when I went to render it the program froze at 87% every time. Oh boy I was steamed! So I gave up on it for a short time and after trying to come back to this several times I just got the feeling of ‘STOP, WAIT’.

As it turns out, ‘they’ had wanted another song for this video and I had to wait for a new season of ‘Travelers’ to come out on Netflix and borrow footage from that. So after many weeks of trying to put this one together it is finally done. And amazingly, it wasn’t blocked worldwide when I uploaded it! Score! I hope those who feel guided to see it will enjoy it. Much love all!

Note: All of these Final Battle videos start and end with their own story so you don’t have to have seen the other ones to make sense of any of the others.

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