Just a Few Interesting Gematria Values with the Number 188

Thought this one warranted its own post. Recently ‘they’ have been giving me the number 188 and I decided to look a little further into this one as well and I found it had much to do with Jesus and connected well to the number 410:

410 – 188 = 222


188 is the gematria of the following words and phrases:

‘One One Zero Three’ (The time of my birth = 11:03):


‘Mishkan’ (First Jewish mobile temple AKA Tabernacle):


‘Be Good, Be Kind’:


‘Jesus of Nazareth’:


‘The Gift of Numbers’:


‘Yeshua is on Earth’:


‘Divine Surprise’:


‘The Holy Son of God’:


‘Strength of Light’:


If we plug in 188 into Pi we see it takes position 471:


And if we follow this trail and plug 471 into Pi we see it takes position 1221, and if this was seen as a date it would be December 21st and this is allegedly the day we began the Age of Aquarius:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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