Dream About Being an Ascended Being and Taking a Tour of What Could Have Been Shamballa

So we don’t have internet where we are yet and so I am at our other house using the internet to post this.

Last night I asked the Universe to show me a cool dream and I honestly wasn’t expecting it to actually happen but much to my surprise it did.

January 20th, 2019 04:12 AM

I recall the beginning of this dream as myself being an Ascended Being offering several chances to a Nazi man to do the same. I basically pleaded with him to make the choice to be of service and take the path with me. After many tries and demonstrations of the abilities he would gain, he still refused.

I was very sad. We were in a beautiful country side-looking location on the side of the road. It looked pretty remote. I remember the Nazi man seemed to be putting things into his vehicle. I was disappointed in the end and I think I flew away and the next thing I knew I was beginning a tour of Shamballa.

I don’t recall exactly how the possible tour of Shamballa began but I remember going on tour with a higher-up male guide through what seemed to be Shamballa. He seemed to hold a high rank there. He was very kind. He was Caucasian and looked to be in his 40s or so.

It was so interesting and a bit of a culture shock. It was a big maze and I almost got lost once when I fell behind in the group. This consisted of a few women and myself.

There was a lot of things made from wood and the floor plans where we went were endless. There was a lot of ceremonial areas, like places to have tea or to pray or meditate. I remember the hallways and rooms being quite small.

The clouds were wonderful. And they floated right towards us on the ground. I told the group I had previous visits here and recalled that the ‘ceiling’, so to call it, was visible. In this case the sky was blue but I got the strong impression that were in Shamballa. There was a big white cloud that came and passed through me and I was quite damp after that! I said okay no more of that! The tour guide agreed wisely.

I remember trying to find the group and came across an orange octopus that was making chicken sounds (bawk bawk!). It was floating freely with no water. It was an interesting sight! I tried to walk past it without disturbing it. It kind of intimidated me.

The people of this culture were apparently quite open with their bodily functions. Encouraging us to pass gas if we needed to. It was quite funny!

Some of the bedrooms looked very much like something one would see in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and from the movie ‘Journey to Agartha’. They weren’t that big and most of the items and construction was made of wood. I don’t know where we went exactly but it was a very large location with seemingly endless rooms.

I don’t remember coming across a lot of people besides the ones in our tour group and our guide. They may have been but they were in my peripheral.

Probably the most exciting thing was being an Ascended Being. I have no idea what kind of time or date reference to apply to either one of these experiences. I mean the Nazi guy might be from that time period but who really knows. And the experience in what might have been Shamballa seemed to resemble scenes from ‘Journey to Agartha’ which I was guided to watch several times last year.

In any case, what all of this means is up to each person who feels guided to read this. This is everything for now, much love all!



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