Synchronicity Report: Lots of Butterflies Appearing, 314 Appearing & Some Blender Creations & Video Timeline Screenshot, Today’s Gaia Portal Message & Bible Verse

This won’t be a very long post but I wanted to share a couple of things that some might find of interest.

Recently the butterfly, in many forms, has been appearing a lot more recently. This includes live butterflies and pictures of them appearing as I got about my day or it’s a decoration of some kind. One of my favorite crop circle formations is the one where a human is depicted as a beautiful butterfly with big wings:

Image result for butterfly man crop circle

It also resembled DaVinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ which resembles another occult symbol called ‘Squaring the Circle’ which represents the unification of Spirit (circle) and Physical (square):

Image result for Vitruvian

And the number 314 has also been appearing in seemingly ‘random’ places as I go about my day. I was watching The Orville the other night and during one scene the camera was pointed at the clock which showed 0314:


And while searching for some art on the Blender (image/animation software) website I found one scene that someone created had a clock which read 3:14:


And after going through my photos I found one that I saved that was one which someone in the QAnon group took and it was also a watch which looks like it was taken exactly at the moment it turned to 3:14 (if the watch was directly facing the camera instead of being at an angle):


After documenting so many synchronicities based on Q’s posts I am so curious as to who they are and why so many of their photos and posts have personal synchronistic information contained within them. One day soon I’m sure…

And if anyone was curious as to what a timeline looks like in the video software I use I took a screen shot that I forgot about that I thought some might be interested to see. This is a shot of the Final Battle VI video timeline when it was all finished (this is without the final dialogue and title screens added using another program):


And here are some of the Blender photos I have been guided to create recently. Feel free to use them if you feel guided. Obviously they are not perfect but everyone has to start somewhere!

TetraJust for FunCrystals

And today’s Gaia Portal message is uplifting:


There is some interesting information to be found within these words. The gematria value is 1600:


And we know if we plug 1600 into Pi we see all 2s in the position number:


And today’s verse of the day has some interesting information as well:


The gematria value of this verse is 809:


There are too many examples to list here but the number 809 just appeared in a report recently which those who feel guided to see can find here.

This is everything for now, much love all!

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