Following the Synchronistic Numbers: 625, 700 & Others (Jesus-Related)

This post is going to be a compilation of more of the numbers that I am being guided to research and share here at this time. Some of this might be off putting for some but I try to be an unbiased researcher and that means going places that I might not normally consider to find important information.

The first thing is today’s daily bible verse:


The gematria value of this verse is 699:


If we plug 699 into Pi we see it takes position 1394, a number which just manifested recently (this also appears behind 227 which is how we derive the approximate value of Pi = 22 / 7 = 3.142):


1394 was the result of adding 3 of the main numbers I had researched for that article.

The previously mentioned bible verse number is Psalms 6:25. This number has some interesting information attached to it and if we add a couple of zeros to it (62500) and plug it into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 25920 which is how many years there are in a Great Year according to Plato.


(Riding the Beast)

“…Number of terrestrial years of the Great Cosmic Year. It is the number of years that takes the Earth to cross the twelve eras of 2160 years (each one being symbolized by a sign of the zodiac), that is to say the time that takes our solar system to cover once on its orbit the path around the great Central sun…”

(Divine Cosmos)

“…25920-year cycle: Grand Solar / Precessional Cycle, marking out great ages of human civilization…”

(Divine Cosmos)

“…The man who made the theory famous and gave it all its value was Plato, for he set the true golden number at 25920 years; and this number, as we shall see, contains all the others. These 25920 years correspond to the complete precessional cycle which we discussed earlier…”

625 is the gematria value of the following words and phrases:

‘Tetragrammaton’ (name for the God of Israel):


‘Be a Better Person’:


‘I Am The Phoenix’:

i am.png

‘Light Manifestation’:


And ‘Solar Stargate’:


And there is one Christian website that I was guided to go to and look further into. Some might already be aware of it and it’s called ‘The 700 Club’. I was asking myself why they chose that number and not any other number. So while I was searching for this answer I scrolled to the bottom of their page and I found they have a daily bible verse section and I was guided to analyze the information from the verse that was displayed on this website which has to do with the coming Event and eventual Ascension:


The gematria value of this verse is 1440 which is another number that appears every so often. There are 1440 minutes in one day. And the other value is 542:


Is we plug 542 into Pi we see it takes position 700, which is the name of the part of the website I visited to get this verse in the first place:


We also see the number 710 at the beginning of the string of numbers and if this was a date in day/month format it would be October 7th and this was the date I was shown the bible verses John 4:4 – 4:10 which talks about God sending Jesus to Earth.

If we plug the verse number 24:31 into Pi we see the number 10801 which is reflecting and mirroring the sacred number 108.

Of course the people who run that website probably think numerology is the work of the devil so they probably wouldn’t be interested in these amazing things.

This particular post number number is 27631:


If we reverse 27631 to 13672 we see it appears right behind 360 which is how many degrees there are in a circle and circles are how we derive Pi:


If we plug 27631 into Pi we see it appears right behind 632:


And if we plug 410 into the converter we get 632:


The last 3 digits of this post number are 631 and this is a number that has been appearing here and there. 631 is the gematria value of ‘King of Israel’ (מֶלֶךְ יִשְׂרָאֵל) in Hebrew which is another title assigned to Jesus:


And the gematria value of 631 spelled out ‘Six Thirty One’ is 1116, another number that appears occasionally (1116 is also the value of ‘Euler’s Number’, ‘Four Ten Ninety’, ‘Nine Forty Four’, ‘Square and Compass’, ‘YHWH’, ‘One Seventy Nine’ and ‘The Eleventh Hour’ all using the same cipher depicted below):


If we plug today’s date 2/8/19 into Pi we see it overlaps with those same digits backwards = 9182:


If we leave out the year and just plug in 2/8 we see this number takes position 33 which is how many years Jesus allegedly lived:


This is everything for now, much love all.

PS After going and archiving this page I found that it did so at 6:57 (their time zone) and this number was just written about recently.


If we plug 657 into Pi we see it takes position 410:


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