Dreams About The Jesus Synchronicities & Ascension

So last night or this morning if you will I was given a couple of dreams that I thought should be shared here. The first one was about The Jesus Synchronicities and is possibly an insight into what kind of work goes into organizing them to be discovered and photographed. I am not 100% sure about that conclusion but as usual I will let those who feel guided to read this decide for themselves what to think.

February 12th, 2019 02:16 AM

Jesus Synchronicities new direction?

Started forming the synchronicities with street signs and moving large objects in place to align them. I think I was someone who arranged these synchronicities to be found. I think I changed the location of objects to make these synchronicities work.

I saw my blog subscriber count drop by a chunk after doing this.

I saw 659 first as a gematria screenshot which was lined up outside on the ground I think and then added like 729 and 720 I think. I was moving physical objects into  vertical alignment to make these work. I am a bit confused by this dream.

So a couple of thoughts here. I think perhaps I was one of the beings who was moving large objects into place at the right time so I could capture them in photos to be documented here. This would explain the incredible synchronicities that have been shared here and within the Jesus Synchronicities. ‘They’ or ‘I’ have moved mountains to make these magical moments a reality. Perhaps this was a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at what it takes to put a few of them together.

This wouldn’t be the first time I have been shown this type of activity in dreams. I recall one dream where I was a guide to a couple of young twin boys. I was looking down at them and found myself able to influence them about 49% of the time while they possessed 51% of the control of their situation. So they could veto my guidance if they wanted, which preserved their free will. I learned that our guides have a great deal of influence over us and can make some seriously amazing things happen for us if we let them. I have had many other dreams giving me insights to things behind the curtains of incarnation and other things some consider to be a mystery.

I think the subscriber count going down could represent readers that left this blog after I began posting those synchronicities and information about Jesus in general. I knew I would take a hit since the people originally following this blog (which wasn’t a whole lot anyways) were probably not interested in what they perceived to be religious information. This is just a thought of course and not a certainty.

Another amazing confirmation of this dream was when I went to check the daily bible verse of the day. It featured a verse number = Psalms 95:6 which was the reverse of the first number I saw in the first dream written in this article = 659. Obviously I don’t agree with this verse because worshiping something/someone and bowing down is a way of giving someone’s power over to something/someone else which is the opposite of what people should be learning at this time.


659 has been appearing here and there throughout these works and was just written about in a previous article.

The next dream was about Ascension with connections to the Stargate SG-1 team, more specifically General Hammond in the show played by Don Davis who sadly left the physical plane after suffering a heart attack in 2008.

February 12th, 2019 07:15 AM

So I had a dream where it started off as me walking down some street and seeing a large sign above my head which showed that someone had either intentionally or accidentally put a trust fund in my name. It was about $600,000.00 or so.

I think I saw that it was temporary. I thought perhaps it was a bank error and that it would disappear after that but it stayed there.

So then I was walking somewhere else and for some reason I was suddenly in the backseat of a vehicle with Don Davis (who plays General Hammond on Stargate SG-1) who was driving.

I was shown this list of people who I think were involved with Ascending themselves or helping others Ascend or being associated with this in some way. It was a long list of people with pictures on a long vertical computer screen with details about each person. I think I was suppose to Ascend but the time wasn’t right yet. I think they were protecting me so I could survive or continue on until it was time to Ascend.

I remember Don giving me some money which I politely declined but he instructed me to accept it.

Then the scene changed to us going to see a man who didn’t want our Ascension to happen. When we got there we found out this man had turned into a baby and couldn’t even move his hands or fingers properly, let alone prevent someone from Ascending. This baby was being held by what might have been his father or some kind of caregiver. I am not sure but we were relieved when we saw that. And that’s all I remember.

My impression of this dream is a bit confusing but overall I think the message was that I am being guided and protected to ensure that my personal role in ‘The Plan’ is able to be preserved and when the time comes, to be carried out. I have personally witnessed the power ‘they’ have to stop things from happening (turning off my internet, not letting me start the car, spilling things repeatedly so I don’t drink them and much more) and if you watch Stargate SG-1 you see how powerful Ascended beings are. They can manipulate the weather and make pretty much anything happen at will. The late hypnotherapist for 45 years Dolores Cannon touched upon this same phenomenon. ‘They’ did the same things with her, making sure she was safe and taken care of and kept out of harm’s way. She said that if ‘they’ didn’t want you to go somewhere, you wouldn’t even be able to get out the front door.

Perhaps the appearance of the trust fund could indicate that a lot of time and energy has been invested into just my role in this grand plan and that I needed to be aware of this and appreciate it. I have a tendency to minimize things and make them seem like they aren’t as big as they seem. I am not sure why this is, perhaps it is a trauma thing or something like avoiding reality.

And perhaps that could also be a sign that some money will be coming my way haha. I wouldn’t be opposed to this since I am just getting what I need to survive at this point which is apparently one of the conditions of ‘living on faith’. This was communicated to Corey Goode as well by the Blue Avians, that he would receive enough money for what he needed and no more.

I don’t want to ramble on so much so I will conclude the article here. Much love everyone.


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