Horrific Satanic Abuse Survivor Testimonies

I am being strongly guided to share these videos from a few (of many) survivors of this horrific abuse as their stories deserve to be shared and brought into our attention. Many of these people put their lives on the line so we can hear the truth and listening to their stories is the absolute least we can all do.

Karly Noel’s story is heart-breaking and she provides names and locations of who abused her and where the abuse took place:

Katy Groves has uploaded countless videos about her experiences with the seemingly endless facets of the MK Ultra mind-control program and child snuff (porn involving killing children) industry:

Some might remember the testimony of former Dutch banker Ronald Bernard. He goes into much more detail about his childhood abuse experiences and how he was basically being groomed/conditioned into being a psychopath and joining the ranks of the most powerful people on this planet:

Fiona Barnett’s testimony was recently referenced by Benjamin Fulford and her accounts of the horrific abuse she suffered and witnessed is beyond words. The following video is only a snapshot of some of the things she was subjected to:

The next of many is an episode of Dr. Phil that aired in 2017 where a female guest named ‘Kendall’, for her protection, was found by Dr. Phil’s team to be trafficked and abused in similarly horrific ways these other tortured souls experienced, mostly by wealthy and ‘prominent people’. I actually got some of my co-workers to watch this episode and it really helped open their eyes. Shortly after this episode aired a Dutch media company RTL pulled Dr. Phil’s show off the air. The webpage where the company announced this didn’t work and after checking Archive.org I found a link to that website where one can read more about this. The website is in Dutch of course but one can use Google translate if they want to read it.

The title of the episode was Private Planes, Black Tie Parties, Elite Sporting Events: The Shocking Story of One Woman’s Life in Sex Trafficking:

As I said there are so many more of these stories. A good repository of testimony can be found on a YouTube channel named ‘International Tribunal for Natural Justice‘.

The late and likely murdered recording artist Avicii made a song called ‘For a Better Day’ which is about children who were abused as children going after the men who bought and abused them. Obviously I don’t advocate revenge but these people do need to be stopped no matter what:

Knowledge is power, much love all. And don’t forget to send some love, prayers and positive intention and protection to these survivors.

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