Synchronicities from Today’s Daily Bible Verse (Jesus-Related)

Today’s daily bible verse has some interesting synchronicities which I am being guided to share at this time:


My own personal interpretation of this verse is that the problems we are facing at the moment will be outshone and pale in comparison to the power and beauty we all have within us which will emerge as this grand transformation continues.

If we plug the verse number 8:18 into Pi we see it appears right behind 3011 which is 1103 backwards and this was my birth time:



The gematria value of this verse is 454:


If we plug 454 into Pi we get a couple of interesting values. First we see 454 takes position 271 in Pi and we know 2.71 is Euler’s Number which is a number that has been appearing much more recently throughout these works:


And if we click ‘find next’ to see where 454 appears again in Pi we see the next instance is 1111, another metaphysical number:


454 is the gematria value of the other half of Matthew 3:17:

(Bible Gateway) “And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”


This particular post number is 27888:


And we know 888 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ (Ιησούς) in Greek:


The gematria value of ‘The Hour has Come’ is 888:


If we add the digits of this post number together (2+7+8+8+8) we get 33 which is how many years Jesus allegedly lived:


If we add the digits of 888 together we get 24:


If we plug 33 into Pi we see it takes position 24:


If we plug 888 into Pi we see it takes position 4751:


This was already written about so I will just copy and paste what was already found about this string of synchronicities:

4751 is the 640th prime number:

640640.pngAnd if we plug in 640 into Pi we see it takes position 69 which are reflective/mirror/flipped numbers. We also see 628 right after 640 and we know 628 is the result of 314 + 314:


640 is the gematria value of ‘God’s Begotten Son’, ‘The Eye of God’ and ‘The Morning Star’ (another name used to identify Jesus, it is not always a title associated with Lucifer):

The gematria value of 640 spelled out ‘Six Four Zero’ is 2120:


And we know 314 takes position 2120 in Pi:


If we plug this particular post number into the base-10/base-8 converter we see it results in the number 66360. This could be seen as the number 663 and 360 overlapping one another:


663 is my birth time converted into minutes:



And 360 is the amount of degrees in a circle and circles are how we derive Pi.

This is everything for now, much love all!

PS I was guided to go back and change the song above to the one included now which was just uploaded yesterday February 13th, 2019 synchronistically and this is a song about Jesus.

PPS After finishing this article I noticed that there were 410 words typed:


4/10 is my birthday and 410 is one of the most important metaphysical numbers someone can ever learn about.

410 is also the gematria value of ‘Christ’:


Additionally, if we plug in today’s date in day/month format = 14/2 into Pi we see it takes position 882 (this number 142 just appeared in a big way in a previous report):


And we know if we reverse 882 to 288 and plug this into Pi we see it takes position 33 which is how many years Jesus allegedly lived:


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