410 Continuing to Appear (In the Formation of the Layers of the Earth)

I was watching the daily Suspicious 0bservers (solar/earth weather info) video and noticed during one part of the video the number 410 appear as part of the formation of the layers of the Earth amazingly.

For the past few weeks I have been getting the number 660 while writing these reports and just going about daily life and it appears that this was what this number was pointing to:


The first layer or Upper Mantle of the Earth is 410 KM deep and the Transition Zone is 660 KM deep which equals to 410 miles.


So here we see the magic number 410 being connected to the formation of our planet.

If we add the distance of the last layer or the Lower Mantle in the picture = 2890 to 410 we get 3300 even. So here we see the number 33 appear which is how many years Jesus allegedly lived:


If we plug 3300 into Pi we see it appears right after 358 and we know 358 is the gematria value of ‘Messiah’ (משיח) in Hebrew:



This number 410 is so integrated into reality it is amazing. It is one of the missing key numbers in metaphysics and is a number that connects to just about everything in one way or another. If you want to research metaphysics, following the number 410 (and Pi of course) is critical.


I would list some more examples of this but there are literally too many to count. There are now over 250 synchronicity reports detailing the amazing properties of this number 410 and countless others:


I just had a thought, and this would be a BIG ‘IF’. I recalled that the city of Phoenix in Arizona might have been created to house the Second Coming (Phoenix rising from the ashes) because of the tremendous amount of synchronicities that were built into it. Okay now what if the entire planet was somehow created or formed or however it was done, to be some kind of a massive monument to the power of the Universe and to the Son of God? Again, HUGE ‘IF’ there..but the information doesn’t lie…It’s black and white for everyone to see. 410 appears here and there, plain as day.

That’s what I love about these synchronicities. They are so simple a child can understand them. I think God/Source wanted these synchronicities to be as easy as possible to both understand and look up and research for one’s self. That is another beautiful thing about this Universe. It is infinitely complex and yet infinitely simple at the same time. Both extremes existing at the same time in every which way.

This is another important point to make here which is that you don’t have to be a genius to understand and appreciate the complexity of reality nor does someone have to understand every single thing about everything in order to Ascend. I’m pretty messed up in the head still and I am having a lot of dreams telling me I am going to Ascend. This was echoed in the channelings of Eric Kleine that some might recall who was referenced by Cobra via the Brotherhood of the Star. You don’t have to be perfect or completely healed to Ascend. This is great news! All people have to do to Ascend is be as service to others as they can with what they have and try to make an effort to get rid of fear.

Anyways I will stop rambling on. There are other things to document here:

The Empire State Building in New York was built in 410 days and was finished on April 11th, one day past April 10th:


“…The Empire State Building was structurally completed on April 11, 1931, twelve days ahead of schedule and 410 days after construction commenced…”

In a big discovery made in 2013 a group of archeologists found a 4500 year old papyrus (Egyptian document) in a cave 410 miles away from Giza:


“A discovery made in 2013 is therefore extraordinary. In a cave, 410 miles away from Giza, on a 4,600-year-old papyrus scroll, archaeologists found a written letter or report, referring to a shipload of rocks probably used for Khufu’s pyramid. The papyrus, addressed to Ankh-haf, Khufu’s half-brother, describes the expedition of a 200-man crew to the limestone quarries near Tura, on the eastern shore of the Nile…”

This particular post number is 27931:


The sum of the divisors of the number 27931 equal 31104 so here we see the digits of Pi appearing which is amazing:


And if we plug 27931 into Pi we see its position number contains a combination of the sacred 369 which is even more amazing:


And if we plug in today’s date 2/15 into Pi we see it appears right after a backwards 410:


If we plug in today’s date in day/month/year format we see it appears right behind 314 (Pi):


This is everything for now, much love all.




PS After archiving this page I saw that the time it did so was at 12:14:13 (their website’s time) and the 14:13 is Pi backwards:


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