A Couple of Awesome Metaphysical Stories

So I am being guided to share a couple of stories here which some might find of interest. The first one was when I was at our other house a few months ago or so and I was outside playing with the dogs. We were playing ball (one of their favorite things in life besides…anything else really) and I remember throwing the ball into this big tree/bush area we have not far from the house.

I threw the ball in the general direction of the tree I believe and I had to go within this area to find it and one of the dogs was looking for it with me. I remember bending down and then all of the sudden for a brief moment everything merged. The tree, the dog, everything around us became one being and for a split second and I could hear the thoughts of our dog. It was trippy!

The next story happened last night while I was lying down in bed. I remember calling upon the Cosmic Central Race which Cobra mentioned recently in a post on his blog and shortly after I did this I felt an energetic ‘hand’, I suppose that’s what it could be called, manifest on the middle of my back. I was lying on my stomach. It felt very comforting, benevolent and loving. It remained there for several minutes before it dissipated. It was wonderful. I am not saying for sure that it was them that was doing this, it could have been something else or maybe a random back sensation of some kind. Either way it was nice.

That’s all I have for right now, much love everyone.

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3 Responses to A Couple of Awesome Metaphysical Stories

  1. Moon Mama says:

    Thank you Jonathan❤️…

  2. truthearth says:

    Wow MM I am so sorry to hear that..I am tearing up a bit reading that…sounds like he is helping you deal with his transition out of the physical..and he must love you a great deal..

    What is interesting is that I was just strongly guided to send my younger brother a text today saying that I love and miss him and I just wanted to say hi…he works the night shift and lives on the other side of the state..

    Perhaps that is another confirmation that what you experienced was your brother…

    Wishing you much love and healing sister.. <3

  3. Moon Mama says:

    Hi Jonathan!
    A couple of trippy stories there. Thanks for sharing.😊
    When I read the one about the hand I got a chill… though in my case, I hadn’t called upon the Centeal Race, so I believe it was actually my older brother Alan, who had passed away in the hospital last Monday night.😞😢
    On Friday afternoon I was tidying up my room, standing at the foot of my bed, when I felt a hand pat the center of my back, and then two hands lightly resting at my waist. It only lasted a few seconds, and I thought maybe my young grandson had snuck up on me. But when I turned around, there was no one there. It was a reassuring feeling, though, so I just smiled and instinctively said, “Hi Al”…then realized that my cat (who was laying on my bed) was staring intently at the wall behind me and her eyes were huge! Animals always know before we do…😌

    In love and light,
    Moon Mama

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