Big Synchronicities Today; The Numbers 137/218, Gaia Portal Message, Daily Bible Verse, The Matrix & More

So after writing a good portion of this article I went to copy and paste something and for some reason it deleted the entire post. ‘They’ have done this before so I would find and include key pieces of information that needed to be documented. Very frustrating. ‘They’ had a good reason for this though, although I told them it would be great if they could find a way to do this without deleting all of the things I just took the time to type up. Last time I broke a few things in a rage as it was a very large amount of the article I had typed up that was all deleted.

In any case I believe I have found the couple of things I wouldn’t have included unless everything was deleted. *Sigh*

Today’s date, March 1st, is significant because it can be written out as 3/1 and we know if we plug this number into Pi we get the most important number in physics = 137:


Cobra’s just posted a coded message for today at 1:37 interestingly:


The gematria value of ‘Kabbalah’ (קבלה) in Hebrew is 137. Kabbalah is name for the study of metaphysics basically. It literally translates to ‘Acceptance’:


137 is the 33rd prime number and we know Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years:


Today’s Gaia Portal message contains some interesting information:


In the second line it says ‘Wolves of Harmony are singing.’ So here we see my own spirit animal the wolf appearing.

The gematria value of this entire message is 11103:


This is very close to my birth time which is 11:03:


Today’s daily bible verse contains some interesting information as well:


The gematria values of this verse are 946 (a sign post number which lets me know I am on the right track) and 394:


If we plug 394 into Pi we see 946 appear again right after it:


One of the countless ways numbers are shown to me is when I check my phone after waking up. Today the time was 7:33 AM. When we plug 733 into Pi we see it takes position 506 (we even see a 394 at the end of the string of numbers):


This number 506 is significant and it appears during the beginning of the first Matrix movie when Trinity is talking to Cypher about how she believes Neo is the One. The camera zooms in on the numbers appearing on the screen and just before it zooms into the zero we see 506 take up the screen (this 506 appears during the intro at about the 1:20 mark):


This number 506 appeared on an electric pole while the family and I were house shopping several days ago:


There is some more information about this number 506 and a couple of others that I am being guided to copy and paste from another article which will be shared below:

The very next number that appears in the movie is the room where the police officers find Trinity which is room 303:


If we add 506 plus 303 we get an interesting number = 809:


And I recall this dream I had on December 29th, 2018 which I included in the December 31st, 2018 article where I was Neo. The time I finished writing the dream on my phone was 8:09 AM (pardon the spelling errors below, it is difficult to type when you are half asleep):


Amity = Smith

If we add our magic 218 number to 288 we get 506:


And we know if we plug 288 into Pi we see it takes position 33 which is the amount of years Jesus allegedly lived:


The time I woke up this morning 7:33 has some more information contained within it that should be shared here. 733 is the 130th prime number:


And the gematria value of the following words and phrases are 130:

‘The Son of Man’:




‘Ashtar Command’:


‘Divine Soul’:


And ‘Hope’ (ελπιδα):


The gematria value of my birth day 4/10/1990 spelled out ‘April Tenth Nineteen Ninety’ is 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed:


July 4th, Independence Day, happens to be the 185th day of the year:


And we know 1103 (my birth time) is the 185th prime number:



This dove tails nicely into the next synchronicity. This particular post number 28475:


The last four digits of this post number 8475 can be jumbled to 7485 and this number takes position 1103 in Pi and we just saw that 1103 is my birth time and we saw earlier that the gematria value of today’s Gaia Portal message is 11103:


After 7489 is the number 724 and this is the result of 314 + 410. And the number behind 7485 = 155 takes position 314 in Pi:


Another number ‘they’ have been blasting me with lately is 218. If we subtract 33 (number of years Jesus lived) from 218 we get 185 and we just saw that the 185th prime number is 1103:


If we add our Matrix number 506 and 218 together we get 724, which we just saw is the result of adding 314 (Pi) and 410:


The following words and phrases have a gematria value of 218:

‘Where We Go One We Go All’:


‘Christ is Coming Now’:


‘Q and Jesus Christ’:


‘Moon’ (ירח) (Note: I was born at the maximum point of a full moon on April 10th):


The value of 218 spelled out ‘Two Hundred Eighteen’ is 205 and 205 is half of 410:


410 plus 218 gives us 628:


And we know 628 is the result of 314 + 314. 6/28 was also my last day of work at the hospital last year in 2018.

314 minus 218 equals 96:


410 minus 314 also equals 96:


Here’s the big one! 218 plus our magic 137 gives us 355:


If we plug 355 into Pi we get 1361:


Here it is…1361 is the 218th prime number:


If we subtract 218 from the sacred number 369 we get 151:


And we know 151 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’:


218 has stolen the show! Definitely didn’t see that coming…

If we plug today’s date 3/1/19 or 3119 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 6057:


And we know if we plug 657 into Pi we get 410:


After today, March 1st, there are 305 days remaining in the year:


If we plug 305 into Pi we get some interesting results:


The position number is 365 which are how many days there are in a solar year.

From left to right we see the number 536 which is 635 backwards and this number appeared on the electrical pole in the photo from earlier.

Next is the 13, which is today’s date in day/month format.

And finally we see 305 next to 305 in the string of numbers.

If we plug today’s date in day/month/year format into Pi we see a couple of interesting values:


We see the position number is 21020. This is close to when we plug 314 into Pi, this results in position number 2120:


The number with the arrow pointing and it in the previous screen shot is 179 and this is half of 358 which is the gematria value of ‘Messiah’ (משיח) in Hebrew:



This is everything for now, much love all.

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