Orgonite Shop Re-Stocked in Addition to New Orgone Jewelry (Video)

Just wanted to let those who feel guided to know about it that I have finally re-stocked the orgonite shop with the pieces that had sold out in addition to adding a line of orgone jewelry which consists of just necklaces right now. There are 5 shapes and these particular batches all glow in the dark.

If you become a Patron on Patreon you will receive a coupon code for 5% off your total cart order. The coupon can only be used once but it doesn’t expire.

If you wish to buy one or more of the pendants please know that in order to decrease the cost of shipping them both in the United States and everywhere else I will just be using a small bubble mailer (small padded envelope) with a stamp on it so there will be no tracking.

If you don’t receive it please notify me directly at and I will send you another for free.

Also, please note that I had left the larger orgonite pieces out in the sun for a day and only the clear pieces had a little bit of a yellow tint to them now. I have added this to the listing so people are aware of it:


I am doing this all today that way orders can go right out tomorrow on Monday instead of last time where it took like 3 days to get them shipped because I uploaded the video on a Friday afternoon. By the time I got the orders ready it was closing time at the post office and they are all closed up here on the weekends. Argh.

I did a video explaining the various pieces and information about the pendants including some orgonite stories in case anyone feels guided to check those out.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish all of you much love!

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