New Video: The Event is Coming IV 432Hz

After seeing an upload to the Ambient music channel I am subscribed to on YouTube I got the very strong emotion of “THAT”, as in I needed to use it for a video which I began doing as soon as possible. It is not ordinarily a song I would use so I don’t know how many people will like it or not. But maybe some will enjoy this one, much love all!

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  1. maya797 says:

    Sonnwendplatz Ermingen

    Jonathan, here is a link where you come directly to this location. If you go in the first link on Google Maps a bit to the left you can see a note “Sonnwendplatz Ermingen”. There you will see a panorama of photos from above. 🙂

  2. maya797 says:

    Hello Jonathan, Sorry for reporting here. I asked Arbre about Caleb for a few days ago and he sent me to see you. Since mid-August, I have not heard from Caleb, I’m worried about him. I tried Caleb several times but he does not answer ,from there I know it’s not his way. Did Caleb still contact you after August?

    If you know anything new about Caleb, can you let me know, please?

    Jonathan , my Psydonym on YouTube is Seven Eleven!

    Jonathan, a few months ago I asked you for a Cintamani stone. The reason is that in my area is a miniature of Stonehenge which exists since 1989 that’s the time the Harmonic Conference started , as I know . So the people who built it up certainly thought of it. In addition, the miniature has the same function as the original. I did more often the summer solstice meditation at this place. The place where stand this is call Allewind , which means that in this place all winds blow at the same time from all directions…..

    This was the reason about that because the place is highly energetic and I wanted to place a Cintamani Stone there.

    89081 Ulm

    I ask if I could bury on this place a nother stone? Claudia from Germany!

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