Amazing Silver Trigger Meditation Synchronicities, Number in Dream, Transformation Synchronicities & More

So this report is going to contain some amazing synchronicities (in my opinion anyways). And they have been manifesting for the past several days.

I will start with the dream I had a few days ago which gave me a number which I thought might have been 1614 but it was a bit difficult to remember this upon waking up and I thought I also heard 1640. I have found that 1640 makes more sense which I will share about below, although I kept the original documentation time because that is part of the synchronicity:


The Universe has been gradually communicating more and more with words and verses from the Christian bible and Strong’s Concordance (index of every word in the King James bible in Hebrew, Greek and English). I have no control over these synchronicities and am trying to report them as honestly as possible without bias or ego. This is just what I am getting and actually these words are in alignment with the times we are living in right now.

So the number 1640, which is what I think was intended to be communicated, is assigned to the word ‘garaph‘ in Strong’s which is Hebrew for ‘sweep away’. This dream occurred on October 10th, 2019 which was the same day before Cobra posted the Silver Trigger Meditation. Our meditation will hopefully help ‘sweep away’ the old system, in addition to the effects of the Wave of Love when the system finally collapses (we don’t know when).

The time of the dream was 02:36 AM and amazingly the word assigned to the number 236 in Strong’s is ‘allassó‘ which is Greek for ‘I change, alter, exchange, transform.’ So amazingly we have two words which combined read ‘to sweep away’ and ‘change/transform’. This appears to be a prophetic message that our meditation will be effective.

The date of the meditation is November 11th, and this is the 315th day of the year:


And interestingly Cobra chose 15:15 PM (3:15 PM) as the start time to the meditation, which is actually the moment of the maximum point of the Mercury transit which will be occurring that day.

Amazingly, the word assigned to the number 1515 in Strong’s is ‘eiréné‘ which means ‘one, peace, quietness, rest’ (from eirō, “to join, tie together into a whole“). So this definition goes along perfectly with the mass meditation we will be doing. We will be many minds working as One.

Cobra made that blog post at 5:21 PM:


And amazingly, the gematria value of the title ‘The Silver Trigger Meditation’ is 125, the reverse of 521:


It doesn’t stop there.

The promotional video I did has some synchronicities behind it as well. The upload time for the English version (the first one I did) was 16:24 (4:24 PM) with a run time of 2:03:


The number 424 appeared earlier the same day October 12th in the form of a political text message which was trying to get me to vote yes for Prop 424:


So 424 appears in that text and in the upload time of the promotional video. Well if you can believe this, I discovered that the word assigned to the number 424 in Strong’s is ‘anerchomai‘ which means ‘I come up, go up, ascend.’ This appears to be another indication that the Ascension/Transformation is going to be happening soon.

The run time of the promo video is 2:03 and the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘bara‘ (בָּרָא) is 203 and amazingly this word means ‘create’. And we are all indeed playing our parts in ‘creating’ this transformation!


410 is continuing to appear throughout time and space, this time in a sci-fi movie called ‘Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio’ which is about an extraterrestrial being who travels throughout time and space… 410 appears as a time stamp during one scene:


410 also appeared in the view count when I had the promo video up:


If we plug the time Cobra posted the meditation post (521) into Pi we see it takes position 172 and we see 410 in the string of numbers:


172 is 271 backwards and this is known as Euler’s Number which is a formula for calculating compound interest and growth and appears as ‘e’ on scientific calculators.

Euler’s Number is very well-connected to the magic 410:


This particular post number is 31219:


This happens to be the 3363rd prime number:


There are a couple Jesus synchronicities here just like in the last report post number. 3363 contains a 33 which is how many years Jesus allegedly lived and 363 is the gematria value of ‘The Messiah’ (המשיח) in Hebrew:


This is everything for now, much love all, let’s do this meditation and end this nightmare once and for all!

PS Just noticed that I had published this article at 10:54 AM and if we plug this into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 2036 which are the digits of the time I had the dream mentioned in the beginning of this article. To verify the time simply hover your mouse over the date under the title of the article:




So if you can believe this, today’s daily bible verse is Acts 1:8:


And if we plug the verse number ’18’ into Pi we see it takes position 424, so here we see this number appearing again which means ‘to go up, ascend’:


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