Many Synchronicities While Visiting Town, Jesus Synchronicities, Numbers in Dream & More

There were several alleged synchronicities manifesting regarding the final cleansing of the Earth (Wave of Love, not the Corona Virus) in addition to some other synchronicities. As always this is all done on faith so I advise using discernment with everything you read here.

I had a small possible epiphany about the dish soap I was guided to buy several weeks ago. It was different from the other kind I was buying but while I was at the store I was energetically guided to that particular soap (if I remember correctly). It was the Dawn-brand dish soap and while I was staring at this bottle the other day I thought about what may have been a prophetic synchronicity. The letters in the name ‘Dawn’ are blue and I thought perhaps it was a synchronicity related to the Blue Dawn which has now occurred thanks to our meditation/activation. This could be nothing of course but it was interesting to think about:


So today I was guided to go get some groceries in town and was led to various places as usual which led to some synchronicities. I was strongly guided to take all of the money out of my bank account and I immediately thought “oh boy are we close?” But I didn’t get an answer to that. The reason(s) why ‘they’ have me do these things is not known until later on and the answer is usually something I would never have expected. Today was interesting though because the higher ups were giving me the energy and emotion of urgency, as in all of this had to be done ASAP.

While at the library I was looking around and noticed that a book which had ‘wolves’ in the title  while another one just below it was titled ‘Golden Age’. The wolf is my spirit animal and appears in many forms to help guide me:


Towards the end of the visit I was guided to a part of the DVD section and was pulled towards the following movie titled ‘My Father, My Lord’. I haven’t been able to figure this one out yet:


So then I was guided to go to Walmart and start picking out a bunch of stuff. I knew this was a divinely-guided visit because when I went to pick out a cart (I was energetically directed to a cart so I knew I would be getting a lot of things) and there were no wipes to wipe down the cart with. But as I was looking at the empty container a man, in perfect timing, walked towards me with a box of wipes. While waiting for him to switch out the containers I saw a woman exiting the store with a big wolf on her shirt. So here we saw the spirit animal appearing again.

So I had no idea what I needed or what I was buying any of these things for so I kept asking the higher ups to guide me to what I needed to get (I have a theory as to why but it is not pleasant unfortunately). ‘They’ ended up guiding me to things like paper plates, napkins, toilet paper, a big bottle of lighter fluid, paper towels, a tarp, a large plastic container, bathroom supplies and a some other related things. There seems to be a possibility that I am going to be kicked out of here soon and that I might need these things. When I asked my guides if I was getting kicked out they gave me the energy of ‘yes’. We will see of course.

During one part of the visit I was guided to go down the kids bicycle aisle which I thought was strange. But as I went down the aisle I believe the reason why they did this was to guide me to the Jesus license plate for the bikes:

They also had me go down the hunting aisle which was also not my favorite but I looked up and saw a brand name which was ‘Cobra’ and thought it was a synchronicity related to his blog:


After that I was guided to stand in front of some decorative bathroom supplies and they wanted me to get a photo of a waste bin with ‘Faith’ on it:


I was guided to get a few more things and then check out.

After getting all of these things I was guided to go to the Dollar Tree which was just across parking lot and here I was guided to get plastic forks/spoons/knives and a few other things.

Then I was guided to get groceries and picked out a few things for a man holding a sign on the corner. I was angry after I left the store because I saw that he was gone so I had this food that I thought wasn’t going to go to anyone.

So after that I started to head towards home and I was guided towards the center of town where the large park surrounding the court house was and ‘they’ wanted me to go to this park. So I am driving down the street and the parking spots seemed to be totally filled and literally as I was thinking this I pulled up further and noticed two empty parking spaces. So I parked and asked ‘them’ if I should bring any of these things I bought with me and I got ‘No’. So I walked around the park and after a while I saw a homeless woman sitting on a bench reading a book and I was strongly guided to give her the remaining cash that I had taken out of the bank earlier. This amounted to 80$. I asked ‘them’ do you really want me to give her all 80 dollars? ‘They’ gave me the strongest emotion of ‘YES’. So that’s what I did and we talked about the book she was reading briefly and then I walked back to the car.

After that I was guided to stop at the thrift store without knowing the reason why as usual but this time I was guided to get a pair of shoes and some books.

Then I was guided to go back towards town which was odd, but everything for a reason. When I headed back towards town I noticed a woman holding a sign on the corner and so I went and gave her the food I bought earlier. Apparently it was for her in the first place.

After stopping at the store on the way back (only bought one thing on clearance) I finally made my way back home.

The next few bits will be about the theme of ‘cleansing/renewing’ which manifested in a dream and other things from today:

This dream which manifested this morning had a time on the clock which I hardly remember very well as I didn’t sleep well last night:


But interestingly gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘καθαριζετε’ (katharizō) is 458 and this means ‘cleanse’:


I was guided to take the following picture at Walmart:


After looking into this number 448 I found that if we plug this number into Pi we get 1252:


The word assigned to 1252 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘bor‘ which means ‘cleanness, pureness’.

I was playing around with the transaction number, 5546, I got on a receipt at the store today:


If we plug 5546 into Pi we see it takes position 914:


And the gematria value of the Greek word ‘anakainoó‘ which means ‘Renew/To make new again’ is 914:


The checkout time was 2:12 and the gematria value of the Hebrew words ‘Brightness’ (זהר) and ‘Lights’ (האור) are both 212:

The last two digits of this particular post number are 49:


The word assigned to the number 49 in Strong’s is ‘hagnismos‘ which means ‘Purification’.

Perhaps all of these words can be seen as signs that the Wave of Love is coming to purify the Earth and finally begin healing for everyone world-wide.

And finally, since today was all about having faith and trusting the inner guidance, today’s daily bible verse happens to be about faith:


After refreshing my home screen on YouTube this morning the first song which appeared in the top left corner was one titled ‘Epilogue’ by Solace. I was strongly guided to save it but didn’t know exactly what it would be used for but apparently it is supposed to conclude this article. Epilogue means ‘a section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.’

The first line in the description of this video is ‘This will be our beginning of a new life.‘ This is everything for now, much love all.

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