Battle Dream, Testing Dreams, Clock Synchronicities, 410 Appearing, Big Synchronistic Visit to Town & More

So one of the first things I’d like to open this article with is a notification that I believe I misinterpreted a dream regarding First Contact which was written on December 22nd, 2020. There was some feedback that I had misinterpreted it and I want to say that I apologize for doing so and I have deleted the article. I believe Cobra had deleted it from the comments section on his blog so this was one of the ways I knew it wasn’t jiving right. It is not my intention to cause confusion in any way so please disregard that article and I hope to also encourage everyone to use discernment with everything they read here. It is possible for me to misinterpret things.

So with that said I will share some synchronicities and dreams here and let everyone decide for themselves what to think of them.

The first is a dream which seemed to feature another battle situation. These battle dreams have been manifesting here and there and they are quite intense when they happen.

April 11th, 2020 05:55 AM

Another battle dream. This dream was about battling a powerful woman who spoke Italian. It was night time and there were at least 3-4 of us battling her in an apartment complex.

She managed to take out 2-3 of the positive beings in this battle which seemed to go on for a while. She had just come down the stairs and finished one good person off but she was losing ultimately.

We were about to finish the final battle when I woke up. So my guess is that they are about to be defeated and this process is currently ongoing. I think she was an Archon or Black Nobility or both.

The next dream was interesting:


And Malik Obama, who is the half-brother of Barack Obama, has been tweeting things about QAnon and various related subjects:

The next couple of dreams were intense and had to do with being tested greatly.

April 13, 2020 08:46 AM

Couple of dreams where I believe I was tested greatly. In one dream I thought I did well and then the people told me I wasn’t part of the group. It may have been a medical type of team. I fought this rejection and demanded to be part of the team.

They insisted that I wasn’t cut out for it but I also insisted that I was! They did this suddenly and without warning. So I thought it was a test to see if I really wanted to do it.

Eventually they stopped and just let me stay on without acknowledging if what I experienced there was a test.

Then I remember another situation where I was at sea with some other people I believe. It was the ship from the White Squall (movie referenced by QAnon with the phrase “Where We Go One We Go All”) and I was again being tested.

Although it didn’t seem like a test I did my best to use creativity to do what needed to be done there. I believe it was a rescue operation of someone which I participated in. I don’t remember many other details. This may have been connected to the first dream.

I think there was another dream about being in a show or something which was also a test.

This next dream featured many messages which seemed to be potentially prophetic. What was also interesting is that for the first time ever I experienced the same guidance energetically as I experience in the physical world (usually in the gut) in this dream:

April 13th, 2020 09:18 AM

Dream about driving on a freeway with many roads to get off on. There was a loop 305 and so many others. [Note: The word assigned to the number 305 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anabainó‘ which means ‘to go up, ascend’.]

I was trying to find one that turned me around but I couldn’t find that one. I ended up trying to get gas at one place which was packed with so many cars and I was guided not to get gas.

So I left and somehow ended up walking into this house and up a level or two on a ramp instead of stairs.

Then I found myself in my underwear setting up a keyboard next to another young guy who was also playing. I tried to get my headphones in so I wouldn’t be loud.

Then I packed it all up and tried to leave the house but went up and down the levels. I saw a view from a window in the house, we were very high up, it was almost an aerial view. It was beautiful.

So then I found myself in a small theater setting and I realized I was set to perform the Blue Danube which I hadn’t played in a while and I was terrified that I would screw it up.

There were a couple of older ladies there who I realized had paid to be there and I saw their tickets.

Then more people started coming in and I became more nervous. I was getting the keyboard set up and I plugged it into the wall outlet and an older man who seemed to be like a host suggested that I plug it into the outlet that I want.

I said okay so I plugged it into the outlet which had the number 44 on it and said this is a good number and it is the gematria value of ‘Faith’.


I was about to perform when I woke up. Felt my guidance in this dream for the first time ever.

Another test dream manifested after the above ones, this one was amazing:

April 13, 2020 09:17 AM

Amazing test dream. So I remember being in this room which may have been an apartment I was in. I was alone and I started going through the bedroom side table drawers just for fun.

There was a small handle at the bottom which was almost not noticeable and I pulled it and I think a big drawer came out and revealed that there were various jackets and things hidden within the drawer.

So I pulled this stuff out and felt that there were things inside of the pockets and I thought I would go through them and see if I could find anything useful or of value.

But then something strange happened while I started to do this. I started hearing an ominous piano note playing in the background.

It was a single note played every few seconds or so. It was not pleasant.

So then the speed of the note played faster and faster and then I realized I may have disturbed the personal belongings of a dead person. So as the piano notes were being played faster I quickly put everything back in the space in the drawer where I found it and there was some small glow-in-the-dark orgonite pieces there that I placed around it to show my respect and to apologize for doing this.

When I went to grab the drawer to put it back I realized there was something in there. It was an old book which looked like a bible but when I opened it I noticed it was something much more.

Inside was a big wad of cash which I saw was in American $100 dollar bills and very large Italian bills.

There was another smaller wad of cash in there as well. But that wasn’t all, inside this book contained what seemed to be special knowledge and information, although I didn’t read it so I couldn’t be sure.

It was filled with artifacts which looked to be incredibly valuable and very well made, as if for a King or Queen.

There were cavities in the book which contained various things like a special delicate cap for the head which was beautifully made with the best materials.

It would stretch a bit to fit the head and had a rope of material coming from the top which seemed like it would hang down.

The book itself was decorated with the best materials and beautiful designs. I think I remember looking in the index in the back which was in English and thought I saw the word ‘Ascension’ but realized it was ‘Session’ instead.

I think getting this book and the money was a reward for honoring the belongings of the space in the drawer. Instead of selfishly going through the pockets and ignoring the ominous piano sounds in the back, which, if continued to be ignored, who knows what would happen?

All of this reminds me of the tests in the Stargate episodes.

It was amazing and I wish I could have read the book! I felt my guidance in this dream and in another dream recently for the first time ever.

A very interesting synchronicity which manifested yesterday was a relative who was cleaning out their shop here and wanted to know if I would be interested in an old wind-up clock they didn’t want. At first I politely refused but then thought it may have some meaning.

People who have been following this blog for a while know that I experience a lot of time’s up/clock striking the hour synchronicities. Well what was amazing about this little clock was that the minute/hour hands were pointed to the 11 mark and the second hand also happened to be pointing very close to the 11 second mark! This seemed like another sign that we are in the 11th hour:


Truly amazing if it really is a sign.

This may be connected to another synchronicity which manifested today while in town. I was overcharged by about $60 accidentally at the store the other day so I went back to get that money. I planned on buying a new printer because the one I bought at the Salvation Army Thrift Store kept jamming constantly. It served its purpose very well but it was time to get a new one.

I was also urgently guided to go to town today. I left after 8 AM this morning.

So after getting the money back from the store I was guided to go to Staples to buy the printer which was in the same plaza at the grocery store. The number 410 appeared a few times during this experience.

It appeared in the model number of one of the cheapest printers they had and it also appeared as the identification number for some ink which was right above the printer:

Amazingly, 410 appeared on the box of paper I bought:


After that it was time to put everything in the car and then go back to the grocery store. I didn’t realize it but the Higher Ups were going to guide me to buy many groceries again. What was interesting was that I checked out at 10:55, which is the time depicted on the clock I was given the day before (see photo from earlier):


While at the store I was guided to take the following photo which seemed to contain the message of calming down:


After getting back to the car with the groceries I noticed a car near-by with a for sale sign and the last 4 digits of their phone number being 2359. This seems to be another time’s up/clock about to strike the hour synchronicity as 2359 is 11:59 using the 12-hour clock:


I went to Walgreens and tried to buy a mask or two but I was told by one of the employees that they haven’t had masks for at least a month. They also seemed to be out of toilet paper and paper towels:


After this I went to another store and was guided to get a few things I didn’t know I would need until later.

An amazing synchronistic meeting happened there which I will share about. After turning down one aisle there was a woman who was having a bit of trouble trying to get a large bag of cat litter into her cart so I offered to help her which she accepted.

She said she was taking care of a litter of 8 kittens and didn’t have much experience with this. She said the kittens were part domestic part feral which are the cats we have been getting but have gone missing over the past several months. What was amazing was that a relative was talking about getting a few more cats of the same type (half domestic/feral) within the last couple of weeks.

So after talking for a bit we went our separate ways. But I got the energy in my body to follow up with her and when I did I told her we might be able to take some of them. So we exchanged information and then went our separate ways. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why I was urgently guided to go to town, otherwise I would missed the opportunity to meet with the kind woman.

I was guided to take a photo of some glow sticks which had the number 4 and 10 close to one another. The brand name is ‘Celebrate’. So this could be another victory synchronicity:


So after getting a few things I finally checked out.

After driving down the road I noticed a man holding a sign in addition to the elderly lady who is usually there so I pulled into Walgreens and got some cash and some food and gave the food to the man and then drove over to the elderly woman and gave her the cash. This segues into another beautiful synchronistic story.

This story involved the sweet elderly woman who holds out her sign frequently in the same spot in front of a store. I was guided to give her the cash I got at Walgreens and she asked if I was the one who gave her $60 some weeks ago and I confirmed this and she said she had something for me which she was holding on to.

I was strongly guided to take out $60 from the ATM (which was free amazingly) and give it to her which I did. And she told me today that right after I had given her that money weeks ago someone had given her a gift card to the store she was out in front of. She said she knew God arranged for this to happen and would hold on to the gift card until she saw me again and she gave it to me today.

After we talked for a while I thanked her greatly for the gift card and left. I was not guided to buy anything with the gift card, and for a good divine reason.

After driving away down the road I noticed a young man who was sitting on the corner holding a sign. So I immediately realized this gift card was ultimately for him, because I had spent pretty much all of my money today.

So after this I finally went on my way and left for home. But on the way back there was another guy holding a sign so I put some of the groceries I got at the store into a bag and gave them to him.

Amazingly, I was guided to buy a couple of clips which we use for the gates for the animals here and after talking to a relative after getting home they said they wanted to set up a gate for our turkeys and I told them I was just guided to buy a couple of clips but didn’t know why until now.

This is everything for now, much love all!

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