More Booms Felt, Gold Price Dream, Synchronistic Visit to Town & More

So there will be a few things to include in this article including a dream and some synchronicities as usual. As always discernment is advised with everything you read here.

So the other day we experienced some more big booms here that were once again felt throughout a very large area. I called the Sheriff’s office to report it but when I went online to look for articles about it there were none. I wrote about the booms in my phone notes as soon as it happened at 4:04 PM AZ time. I was inside the RV when they happened:


I texted a relative and they said that the second boom blew the dog door open in the house!


Magic is our dog’s name

What is interesting about the above screenshot is that it is was the 410th photo in my phone:


The other night I had a dream where I saw the gold spot price being $2000. Although it wouldn’t take a prophetic dream to realize this is inevitable. As of the time of this writing the gold spot price is $1,729 for an ounce of gold.


So yesterday was filled with many amazing synchronicities while I was in town. The Higher Ups had me drive everywhere including down a highway for a while before I decided to turn around and go back towards town. It was a beautiful drive!

At one point I was guided to drive towards In-and-Out Burger and eat there as I hadn’t eaten anything before leaving due to being guided to leave early in the morning. They apparently have a vegan burger but I don’t trust fast food so I declined this guidance.

 So after going to back towards town I eventually went to the store to get something to eat and drink. I have found some amazing information on the receipt which connects to information in this blog post:


The transaction number is 9383.

Adding these digits together equals 23. Adding the digits of this particular post number, 32846, is also 23:


There are 23 letters in the title ‘The Jesus Synchronicities‘ which is what I have been guided to call this large collection of spiritual stories, synchronicities and dreams.

The last 3 digits of this post number are 846.

If we multiply the digits of the transaction number, 9383, we get 648 which is the reverse of 846:


If we plug 23 into the Pi calculator we see it takes position behind 846:


It’s all so beautifully connected!

Here is an amazing story which happened in town. While driving down a road I noticed the gas was $2.05 (205 is half of 410):


And at the same moment as I was taking the above photo, I heard someone say my name. It came from the car to the left of me and I was so amazed when I saw it was my friend Ken who also makes lots of orgonite! Our first meeting was also amazingly synchronistic which I wrote about before.

At one point I went to go see the sweet elderly lady who holds her sign. While we were talking another woman came up to give her some cash and she starting talking about the Age of Aquarius which I thought was amazing. We talked for a little bit and then we all went our separate ways.

Eventually I was guided to go to this herbal/metaphysical store and just hang out there and talk to the owner there. She was nice enough to let me stay and just chit-chat about so many things happening right now.

I was eventually guided to buy a few things as I wanted to support her. I got what looked like the last bag of raises which were $2.97:


The gematria value of ‘The Jesus Synchronicities’ happens to be 297:


While driving around I noticed the odometer read 331111 and I thought I should get a photo of it because I probably won’t see it happen again:


And that’s everything for now, thanks for reading, much love all!

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