Celebration Dream Before Mass Meditation, Celebrity Dreams & More

There have been some interesting synchronicities which have manifested today in addition to some dreams as well which will be shared below. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here, I know not everything is going to resonate with everyone.

So the first dream was one which featured some interesting information in addition to being a celebratory dream that occurred the morning of the Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Mass Meditation on April 4th (at 07:45 PM here in AZ).

April 4th, 2020 01:47 AM

Had dream about being at a huge gathering of so many people. I was in a room with several people I knew and one of them had a baby and someone said “QAnon started posting 33 years ago to the date”. The same day the baby was born. There was another baby that was born as well.

I remember being woken up in another dream I think by a mother and her newborn son to tell me how excited they were, and when I went back to sleep I told them in the above dream somehow that they had woken me up.

I was a bit upset about being woken up like this but I understood the excitement. It was all connected.

Today is the day of our meditation. The celebration in the dream was amazing and I got to meet the newborn son and his dad. He was very adorable and very healthy appearing.

He looked and behaved the age of about 2 years old or so. He was Caucasian and with red/blond hair. The father was handsome. There was good food there too I believe.

So there is a lot of information in the above dream. We achieved the critical mass AND had over a MILLION people participating in the meditation. And this dream seemed to prophetically indicate that a big success was going to manifest. The appearance of babies in dreams indicates/symbolizes a new beginning and the fact that the kids were healthy seemed to be a positive sign as well.

I want to quickly share my experience with the meditation. I was really focused on preparation and execution/visualization so I wasn’t really paying attention to how I felt. But during one portion of the meditation my visualization automatically manifested a scene which depicted two Earths. An old, dying and dim one and a new bright iridescent one, almost exactly like the below photo. I found this photo later on after the meditation and was so excited to see that a picture existed which showed almost exactly what played in my mind:


I experienced twitching sensations all over my body during the meditation and some of them were interestingly synchronized with the music and voice-guided directions.

So the next couple of dreams involve celebrities who are being focused on in the awakening community as there are rumors that they have been arrested and/or are on house arrest:

April 8th, 2020 02:16 AM

Dream about being targeted by Tom Hanks. In this dream Tom Hanks was targeting me to be murdered. We were in a mall and he was following me. I was trying to manipulate him so he wouldn’t.

So later on we were at some apartment which belonged to this other guy who was also trying to kill me and I went through a totally legal step-by-step process to completely legally trap him and protect myself.

It required the use of his phone and my phone. It was very detailed and took quite a bit of time but it worked perfectly. Towards the end he got mad but was totally amazed.

And throughout this process he kept telling me he was planning and going to kill me. Paris Hilton and another celeb were there and I was trying to tell them about Satanism which they were having a hard time believing.

This was strange considering they were born into these evil families. I wish I could remember the process by which this legal capture took place because it was beautiful and complex and completely effective.

The next dream was pretty intense and involved another celeb who is allegedly (not proven of course) experiencing house arrest:

April 9th, 2020 02:52 AM

Dream about Ellen DeGeneres. So I was at the mall and I was wandering around and I don’t think I was in the best mood when Ellen came over and tried to comfort me.

I was shocked by this and didn’t want her to do this. We were all sitting at a table with what seemed to be fans of her and I started grilling her immediately on the Twitter posts she’s made over the past few weeks.

I demanded to know why she had a picture on her wall which said ‘EVIL’ and ‘REVENGE’ on it. I described it to her in detail and she kept dodging my questions.

Then I demanded to know why she was panicking in one of her first tweets of this kind which she dodged as well.

Her fans were not paying attention or wanting to know more. Then I saw some trolls by a wall not far from us and then I think I realized that was her true form, like from Merlin [TV show].

I was angry and wanted answers. She kept trying to butter me up and be kind to me which I immediately saw through as an act to avoid my questions. I think Portia was there too.

Then I think I went outside the mall and came back in and saw an old co-worker there but I wasn’t in the mood to talk or hang out. Then I think I left with some other people I came there with and we had a van which was different looking. That’s all I remember.

This is the photo which some people uncovered while watching Ellen’s Twitter videos. I highly recommend checking out the entire Twitter thread (pardon the swearing in the below tweets):

The next dream involved seeing more people searching for more information about QAnon:


Just the other day I got a call from someone who’s phone number ends with 410 (first started on April 2nd, screenshot is from April 7th):


And the number 1048 manifested once again the other day (April 3rd) and this time it did so in a most interesting way. A relative and I had decided to go town together and we couldn’t get the vehicle to start. So we fiddled with it and ultimately it needed an electronic part. Well this little situation ended up having us use another vehicle and when we got inside the time on the clock, which wasn’t properly calibrated, was 10:48. And I told this relative that this number had been appearing a lot:


It appeared in a dream, and then as the upload times of a couple of videos related to The Event and the Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus. I will reiterate from a previous post what I found regarding this number:

Okay so I have found a possible meaning for the number 1048 appearing. After multiplying 10 x 48 this resulted in 480 and I was strongly guided towards this number after doing that.


Interestingly, in both Greek (αρξηται) and Hebrew (ותחללו), the word ‘begin’ has a gematria value of 480:

And the gematria value of ‘Son of God’ in Hebrew is 480 as well:


So today a relative and I went to town for a walk through the park around a lake and to get some things from a couple of stores.

A beautiful streak of rainbow-colored cloud (maybe chemtrail cloud?) was present in the sky:


The view from the trail was very beautiful!

Arizona issued stay-at-home orders as of March 31st and now people visiting stores are being recommended by the CDC to wear masks so we did when we went to the stores.

Walmart in Prescott appeared to be totally out of toilet paper and paper towels:


Verizon recently provided customers with 15 gigabytes of cell phone data for free which I got which was awesome:


I wanted to wear one of the shirts today which I was guided to buy from Goodwill some time ago and it reads ‘Victory’ in capital letters:


There were a couple of interesting things happening today. Cobra shared a coded message today:


QAnon was posting several things today:


This is everything for now, much love all.

PS The following song popped into my head recently and the lyrics seem to go along with what we are going to be experiencing as time goes on.

“Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven, love comes first
We’ll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth…”

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