Prophetic Dream Comes True, Telepathic Guidance/Jesus Dream, Automatic Writing Message, JFK Grandkids Celebrating, 410 Appearing & More

I am being guided to share some things that some may find of interest. There are many exciting things happening in the world right now!

There were a few interesting dreams which will be shared below. The first one was a prophetic dream about seeing Cobra’s next update:


I saw that on March 24th and then 6 days later Cobra posted an update sharing an interview he did with Ben Fulford (highly recommended by the way) and the title had 9 words in it:


The next day something really interesting happened while I was trying to fall asleep. There was this big surge of telepathic images being shown through my mind’s eye (this is one of the ways the Higher Ups communicate but not the most frequent):

March 25th, 2020 04:29 AM

Flood of knowledge and telepathic guidance has started last night.

This includes a series of dreams where knowledge is rapidly downloaded into the mind; ideas, concepts and words and so on, including regarding Jesus.

In the final couple of dreams I was working with someone who helped me decrypt these puzzles which required a step-by-step process to unlock them and they were all underwater in a pool.

They went in order from from number 1 up to a higher double-digit number, at least so far. We missed a few of them and I think I as about to get the final few portions of the puzzle. I don’t remember what the knowledge was but the puzzle was important.

All of this felt very esoteric and important. I don’t remember all of the knowledge though and the Jesus information seemed to come a little too early, it wasn’t exactly time for it yet. It think it had to do with the Second Coming.

The next thing was that I was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep when I decided to pick up a pencil and use some paper to see if I could do a little automatic writing just for fun. I don’t put a lot of faith into that but I got the emotion/words to write down surprisingly and this is what I was guided to write down:

March 26th, 2020 Evening Time

Stage is set.
Countdown begin.
Artists/Actors (this word wasn’t completely clear) take their places.
Boom. Explosion of light.

While writing the above I was experiencing each line written as an experience in my whole being; mind, body and soul, including visually in my mind’s eye. When writing the ‘Silence’ part I was guided to stop and just wait, until being guided to write the final line. And then after writing the final line it seemed like something was missing but I didn’t get anything else to write down.

So maybe that means something and maybe it means nothing. Time will tell but it’s pretty obvious now that we are in the final clearing and stages before The Event.

That dovetails nicely into the next amazing piece of information. The grandkids (at least that’s what some people are claiming who are in the video) of the assassinated United States president John F. Kennedy shared a video on Instagram of them singing the song ‘Timber’ by Kesha and Pitbull.

The Presidents have code names that their secret service addresses them by when needed and the code name for George Bush Sr. was ‘Timberwolf’. He was apparently involved in JFK’s assassination.


On the Instagram of Jack Schlossberg, who is JFK’s only grandson, we see his top comment being ‘It’s Going Down’ which is part of the lyrics of the song and the rest of the lyrics are pretty great and go along with what’s happening in the world:

View this post on Instagram

It’s going down!

A post shared by Jack Schlossberg (@jackuno) on

“It’s going down, I’m yelling timber
You better move, you better dance
Let’s make a night, you won’t remember
I’ll be the one, you won’t forget

The bigger they are, the harder they fall
Swing your partner round and round
End of the night, it’s going down

The number 410 continues to appear here and there including in a video Russell Brand made where he highlighted a comment promoting the Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus meditation. 410 appears at the end of the URL to the video:

While looking up the benefits of cinnamon the other day there was a study that came up which was published on April 10th (4/10):


In a press conference on Tuesday March 31st (yesterday as of the time of this writing) Trump made some interesting remarks about how the next couple of weeks were going to be very painful and that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. Someone made a good copy of these remarks and shared them on Twitter. Trump appears to be talking about the Coronavirus but something more might be between the lines as some have suggested which could indicate a full disclosure type of situation unfolding as this process continues:

David Wilcock shared, per his sources, that there would be a 72-hour period (3 days) where phones would stop working, with the exception of the ability to call emergency services, and internet would either stop or slow to a crawl. During this time the mass arrests would be taking place and then this would be followed by a national 8-hour program (playing 3 times a day for several days) detailing crimes against humanity (Full Disclosure).

Although Cobra did say a situation similar to the Delta Option would be possible which would include a limited disclosure and mass arrests in the United States and a chaotic transition into the Event before the rest of the world goes through the same process. David’s sources said that this might go down before Good Friday (April 10th). Time will tell of course and I would always encourage people to exercise discernment with everything you hear and read right now.

Kauilapele shared a post with notes from David’s 3-hour talk about current events via his YouTube livestream from a few days ago:


“Transcribed by Kat

3 Days without Internet and cell-phones:

“Interesting moment in our Timeline. We have received new briefings and those briefings are very amazing.

2:00 We are going to get 3-days without internet and without telephone. You will be able to call 9-11 or emergency services. Basically it’s a shutdown of the phone and internet for 3-days. [We will have power, electricity, water, etc.]

The Timing on when is anywhere from today or tomorrow (March 29th or 30th) or before Good Friday. During those 3-days is going to be the arrests of the bad guys. This is a very wonderful thing.

3:16 Apparently it doesn’t matter if the bad guys hear this INTEL cuz there’s nowhere for them to go. What we heard, we got authorized to tell you this is going to happen…”

This is everything for now (well there is much more of course but this is all I am being guided to post). Hang on everyone, it looks like we are in for a bumpy although exciting ride! Much love all!

PS A couple of days ago, March 30th, I was thinking about all of this Jesus stuff and then I opened up YouTube on my phone and saw that the satire news channel The Onion had posted this podcast. A warning that their kind of humor is not for everyone. It happened to be episode number 44 and if we plug this into Pi we see it takes position 59 and we know the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ is 59:


Q linked to the following song recently:

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