Genetically Modified Foods from Monsanto

Okay I want to put these guys on sonic blast. I can’t think of a more evil corporation, well I guess I could put it up there in a top 10 or 15 of some sort but for sake of this post they are number 1 in my crosshairs. First i’d like to point out that people that run Monsanto also hold or have previously held positions in high government entities (FDA, EPA, etc.).

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It’s just a revolving door of corruption. Much appreciation to the person who put that picture together! Now that we realize that these people who are supposed to be protecting us and our food supply are actually actively working to further their agenda of poisoning everyone. Which they have been doing for a while. Here is a link to the history of GMOs. We should also wonder why The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is investing heavily in this poisonous crap. If you are already up to speed with what’s going on in the world then this should be no surprise to you. But if not then the learning curve to some of this info is going to be pretty steep.

Monsanto loves suing farmers. What they’ll do is they will go to a farmers crop field and contaminate their field with Monsanto seed. Then they will sue the farmers for patent infringement. And the judges may or may not be bought and paid for so they always win.

Now let’s get to the studies on GMOs. Here are ten studies that have been done on the health of animals and human cells when introduced to GMOs.

Here is a Wikipedia page about farmers in India that have killed themselves because the seeds they got, from you know who, failed to live up to how they were advertised. Here is another article about how 291,000 people killed themselves in India as a result of Monsanto’s GMO seeds. There are more details in the article about their ‘business’ practices. They don’t give a shit about you or me or the Earth. Only money.

You can change all of this by voting with your money and educating yourself. This is the Age of Information. And pretty much anything you want to know is available at your fingertips. I encourage you all to do this! We are the 99%. And money is their blood. All you gotta do is stop giving it to them and they will perish.

Anyways that’s all for now. Much love to you all. I know this post was kind of a downer but we need to confront the truth in order to change it. And I believe you all possess the capacity for the truth. =]

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