The Event (Financial Reset, Arrest of Cabal, E.T. First Contact)

The title pretty much sums it up. I have been following a handful of blogs issuing updates about behind-the-scenes operations going on in regards to money, political issues, foreign relations and many other topics. The links to these blogs are listed on the right hand side of this blog. Basically this Event is the complete overthrow of the Federal Reserve bank and their control over pretty everything. We live on a prison planet and their greed and lies know no bounds. I’d even venture to say that that is the understatement of the year.

From what I understand the banks are going to shut down from a minimum of at least 2-3 days to a maximum of about 2 weeks. No one really knows how long this is going to take because it’s never happened before and there are a lot of variables that have been and are going into this. Keep in mind, though, that this isn’t a maybe, it’s a for sure thing. This plan has been in the works since its inception in the 1970’s, according to sources. I’ve posted in previous blogs about the 1400+ arrested that happened within the last 5 years or so. Not to mention the recent news posts about banker suicides. Mostly JP Morgan ones.

No one will be able to use their credit cards or debit cards. From my understanding some businesses will only accept cash and some might accept gold and silver. Arizona just made it official that one could use gold and silver as currency. Here is the article to that story. Perhaps they are ramping up for this Event? Either way gold and silver would be better used as they are tangible and hold real value, unlike the ink and paper ‘currency’ the F.R. prints infinite amounts of rendering it pretty much useless. If I could re-vamp an old saying; “Value is in the eye of the beholder”. As soon as people realize the Federal Reserve Note isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, they will lose their power over the world and they won’t be able to control jack shit.

From my understanding this new financial system will be backed by Yamashita gold and won’t be for sale in the open market. All debts will be forgiven. Croatia just forgave the debt of 60,000 of its poorest citizens. Here is the article to that. Although I’ve read that if you go and buy like 10 houses and 10 cars, the Alliance will know this and you will be probably have to pay them off yourself. The whole point is to move away from materialism and into a world and paradigm where people share and care about each other. And of course to stop the Federal Reserve from causing anymore damage on every level than they already have.

The U.S. dollar will still be valid and will be included in a basket of currencies; the Yuan, British Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen. After the banks come back up we will have access to our money. Now it is also my understanding from more than one source that we will all receive a bunch of money each. This amount is unknown for sure but is estimated to be around $100k or possibly more. This is to alleviate people from their current financial circumstances and to really get back on their feet with the infrastructure that is currently in place. Afterwards it is hoped that people will use these funds to help others and fund humanitarian projects.

Before the alleged funds are released, however, there will be a taking over of the mainstream media (the mouthpiece of the Cabal/Illuminati and F.R.) and a mass disclosure will occur. Positive E.T.s will have the capabilities to use the satellites currently in place or perhaps use their own technology to broadcast the information to our T.V.s and radios as they did in the 1970s during a live news report here. We will be told about everything. How our planet was taken over, how negative E.T.s have been running the planet through the Illuminati and Federal Reserve bankers, how we have had a massive secret space program operating under our noses for decades and much much more. People need to hear the truth in order for them to start dealing with the process of forgiveness and eventually change.

This is an amazing time to be alive and for some us it is no accident. There are those who are called “Lightworkers” who incarnated into Earthly bodies, having already completed their learning process, in order to assist the people here in their period of planetary and spiritual change. And when I say spiritual change I mean many here have chosen to ‘ascend’ in their 3D bodies. Meaning that we have been moving through a highly energetic part of the solar system. We left a 25000 year cycle to enter a new one, The Age of Aquarius. Our DNA is literally changing. Children born within the last few decades are more gifted and intelligent. That’s why the Cabal is so hell bent on vaccinating them into oblivion, in order to suppress them. They know if they can keep the kids down and sick, they won’t pose a threat to their status. The term ‘child prodigy’ is becoming more and more common. Here is an article about the first child ever born with 3 strands of DNA. There are also those people who might be ‘Walk-ins’. Those souls who replaced a soul in a body currently alive.

All of the planets have changed and are continuing to do so. Every single one of them. David Wilcock goes into this extensively by providing NASA pictures and data explaining the changes for each planet. Our sun is putting out more energy and it has been realized that global warming is a consequence of our star system moving into a more energetic part of the galaxy. Sure driving 100-year automobile technology doesn’t help any and might be contributing, but it isn’t solely responsible.

So after the initial shock of the news that we’ve all been lied to our entire lives and all settles down we will meet our family. Not your cross country or next town over family, but our galactic family. The ones who have been working for years and years behind the scenes to liberate us from the negative E.T.s. There are motherships everywhere in our galaxy guarding the outskirts and local area to make sure the negative ones can’t get away. Apparently they have been stranded here and when their time comes (which it will very soon) they will have no where to hide. And their high tech cars that are controlled by advanced computers will be rendered useless and they will have to escape by either their Chevro-legs or a bike. Their arrests are to come after the Event.

Then we begin our lives as free people. Free to travel the stars and see everything we have been forbidden to see for tens of thousands of years. It’s truly the cliché of our lifetime. It should be noted though that love is the basic language of the omniverse and evil and negativity can’t and won’t last forever. Those who refuse to go positive will eventually disappear or be cleansed and become positive. The story of The Hero’s Journey is embedded in all of us and all history. The good guys will eventually always win. The Universe always makes sure of this.

I hope you found this information useful. I started a group on to spread this knowledge and to help prepare people for what’s coming. It can be found at the top of this page in the black bar menu. There will be a time soon where you will need to depend on others to get through this transition time. This will be good for everyone and will force those who don’t trust each other to reach out and get in touch with their humanitarian side. And even humble those who don’t like asking for help. Get ready for a great ride!

It seems like the Resistance Movement put up this video to get people eased into the idea of what’s going to happen. It depicts exactly what’s going to happen. The song is called “Break Free” by Ariana Grande. It’s a newer song and some people might not care for the artist, but the message and video are the most important part. Enjoy and I love you all very much =]

Break Free by Ariana Grande

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