Get ready for some big stuff!

There has been a lot of stuff going on in regards to world events; conflict in Ukraine, ISIL (ISIS has been used to tarnish the name Isis, Egyptian goddess) and a few other things. I’d like to post a few articles about what’s going behind the scenes. Some of these things have made it into the foreground of the public and mainstream media, but mostly have been kept to the alternative media. Which is perfect because very few are paying attention to mainstream anymore. Here is a great website pointing out some facts and statistics on Fox News (owned by NewsCorp).

Anyways here is one about how our Earth and its matrix of soul capturing (I know how that sounds but do read on it has a lot of disclosure in it) is/has been controlled by the negative E.T.s. These articles are featured on Veteran’s Today and Russia T.V..

Here is one about how the U.S. helped Israel develop nukes in the 1980s. Obama knows about this now and has ordered the documents be released to him. Through the information that has been presented through alternative media sites and blogs, this means that Israel was part of the orchestration of the events that took place on 9/11/01.

And here is one where Russian President Putin threatens the U.S. with concrete evidence (satellite photos) that we were responsible for 9/11. The flood gates are opening folks and once this information is out, it’s out. The internet is the Achilles Heel of the Cabal (ironically because it was originally intended to be used for spying purposes) and now it is a tool for sharing suppressed and invaluable information. I wouldn’t know what I know without it! Just a tidbit of info, by the way, one page of the New York Times newspaper had more information on it than someone 100 years ago got in one lifetime.

The U.S. Air Force recently declassified their Project Blue Book files to the public. I’ve learned though that they made sure they only released the cases that were either debunked or dismissed as terrestrial phenomenon. It should be known that they had came out with a press event where they stated they looked into UFO reports that were going on at that time and determined that about 700 or so of those cases couldn’t be solved. They determined that these UFOs weren’t a threat to their country and it seemed as though they were getting people ready for disclosure. Here is the video of that press release.

I am very excited to be alive during this great time of change and hope you are too! This affects every one of us and the sooner we are told the whole truth the quicker we can deal and heal and move into a beautiful and prosperous society. Take care everyone and I love you all very much.

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