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So I work at a local hospital. Our CEO follows instructions from the CDC about vaccines, who by the way gets its information and recommendations about vaccines from the World Health Organization which is very much entangled with pharmaceutical companies, religiously. There is a growing trend of hospitals mandating (forcing) annual flu shots to its employees. Now let’s get something out of the way first, I am not against vaccination. I am against it when the intent behind it is purely monetary, or some malevolent purpose. In regards to the flu shot, it’s both. That’s why this year I exercised my right to a religious exemption (if asked I would identify as a Buddhist). After finding out what the ingredients were in this years poison, I mean flu shot, I decided I will never EVER get one again if I can help it.

In the 1980s the pharmaceutical companies that manufactured the vaccines were given legal immunity under a law called The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. People were suing vaccine manufactures into bankruptcy because of the injuries they were sustaining. It was then that the companies threatened Congress into giving them legal immunity, otherwise they would stop selling them to the public. Congress, of course, agreed and passed it into law. Here is an article that goes into depth about how pharmaceutical companies got their way and more information about their history.

Here is a link to a website that has a list of various ingredients in flu shots. It’s pretty fucked up. Like I’ve said in previous posts the learning curve to some of this information is quite steep so if you have been drinking the kool-aid your entire life this stuff is going to be hard to accept. But regardless of this, it’s the truth and like i’ve also said before, you CAN handle the truth.

The mainstream media has been on the fritz and inducing hysteria (what else is new) about a group of people who contracted measles at Disneyland and is now urging parents to vaccinate their kids and vilifying those who don’t. The pharmaceutical companies stand to make even more money because of this and they will enjoy their profits and legal immunity from those who might sustain injuries as a result of their known negligence. If you are able to prove to the vaccine injury court (good luck dealing with that) that your injury(ies) were a result of a bad batch of the vaccine, then you will be put on a list to receive compensation from said court. Some people wait DECADES to get compensated for their ailments. And unfortunately some die before they are paid out. If you think this process will be easy, i’d think hard about that first. So you could avoid this all together by opting out (when possible) of receiving these shots in the first place. Your best weapon is knowledge.

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I feel bad for those people who work for companies in states that don’t have any type of vaccine exemption available. Vaccines are medications and they aren’t properly studied to determine their effectiveness. It even says on the insert that they aren’t tested on pregnant women and we all know there are whistleblowers from the CDC stating that they intentionally falsify clinical trial results in order to sell more vaccines. Here is an article going into how a scientist at the CDC confessed to MMR vaccine research fraud. So how can anything they put out be credible? They don’t even know which flu strain will be out and about when that time of the year comes. Just throwing darts at a target with a blindfold on. We hope this is the right one this year. Either way we’re getting paid! Fuck yeah!

I hope this has been informative for you, dear reader and fellow human. Please continue to educate yourself about what’s going on around you and to you. Take care and much love to you all =]

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