$1,000,000,000 Bank Hack

According to an article just posted on R.T. (Here is the article) at least $300,000,000 million dollars has been stole from around 100 banks, the majority of them being in Russia. It is also apparent that banks in Japan, the U.S., the Netherlands and Switzerland have been affected. It it possible that the damage could be to the tune of $1 Billion dollars per a Kapersky Lab expert. Could this be a behind-the-scenes operation/manifestation going on in regards to The Event? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way it’s an interesting idea to think that banks are so easily hack-able, given our trillion dollar spying and information acquiring technology. Let’s stay tuned and see if more is reported about this situation. It was stated in the article that the hackers activated ATMs and had them eject money out of them. I’m wondering if maybe this was a way to get money out to citizens or just have a hacker insider stand by one and take the loot and run. It doesn’t say but with the world going the way it’s going, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a gesture of goodwill and positive intention. That’s all for now. Love you all very much.



Update at 1155 same day as this post. Here is the article going into who the group is and how they hacked the banking system. A move on behalf of the resistance movement perhaps?

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