More soft disclosures in the mainstream media, new pictures of ‘lights’ on Ceres

An interesting article popped up on (a MSM outlet).

It is titled EXCLUSIVE: French MoD ‘contacted’ aliens during bizarre experiment, document reveals

It seems disclosure is inching its way towards the coveted end goal of a world wide awakening of the fact that we are not alone and that the universe it teeming with life!

Then we have this article titled Edward Snowden: we may never spot space aliens thanks to encryption.

It seems the drip feed disclosure that has been the norm for so long is now becoming more of a trickle lol.

Then we have the beautiful dwarf planet Ceres and its ‘lights’.

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That’s all for now. By the way I thank everyone that participated the mass meditation for the refugee crisis going on in Europe and the Middle East. I will post Cobra’s update about how that went. You are all very powerful and I am happy to know that some or most of you are coming into your power, as I am trying to also.

Much love everyone!! =]

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