Dangers of speaking the truth

I would like to do a post and share an experience about daring to speak the truth in a world that is run by psychopathic fundamentalist satanists. Whether you are religious or not, that’s who we are dealing with.

If you are just waking up to all the lies that are around you, welcome and I am sorry. I wish the world you are waking up to is a beautiful one, and although it can be very amazing, it is very volatile at this time. Now so more than ever.

Whistle blowers have almost no protection. Sure they’re supposed to, and there are supposedly laws that were passed to protect those decided to stand up and expose something terrible their co-worker or whomever was doing or is doing. But in reality, they are punished. Exiled. Ridiculed. Or even worse…

I personally have been laughed at for speaking out against the norm. It’s not easy. But once you are awake, you can never go back to sleep. This is just part of the job. This is why many of us are here on Earth at this time. It’s just something we need to do. No matter what happens to us.

So I was coming home from work one day and I noticed the dumpster that I can see from my bedroom balcony was smoking and the outside totally charred.

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I ended up talking to one of my neighbors about it randomly one day recently and he said around 3 AM there was this huge explosion. The police and fire dep’t were called. It was such a big explosion it charred the exterior of the dumpster.

There are six other dumpsters in my apt complex. And I wasn’t home so if the tree that is right next to the dumpster had caught on fire which it would have, all my belongings and pets would have been burnt to ashes. My door was locked, who would wanna go in and get my stuff for me?

I am the only one, that I know of, making orgonite in my area. And I have started a group to ready the people in my area about The Event. To find out more about that just go here to a post I did about it.

I am not afraid of them. I will continue to speak up and continue to make orgonite and disable those ‘cell phone’ towers!

By the way if there is any Cabal person reading this I’d like to show you my newest orgonite pieces =]

Thank you all for reading. I appreciate you! Much love as always and stay out of the lower vibration of fear. Think happy thoughts and they cabal can’t get to you. =]] Much love. =]

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