Some amazing headlines have been coming out!

It seems disclosure is happening at a lightning pace now. Check out these awesome headlines!

Tractor beam technology is being disclosed:

Scientists are days away from finding out if that alien mega structure could harbor aliens:

Laser produced black hole interstellar drive:

House Republicans introduce measure to impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen:

Hobby Lobby CEO David Green probed by FBI for allegedly smuggling illicit artefacts from Iraq:

Army to cut brigades at 10 U.S. bases:

WikiLeaks’ 3rd strike: New batch of documents from CIA’s chief e-mails:

Saudi prince arrested on private plane with 2 tons of drugs:

IMF ready to add yuan to reserve currency basket:

What should we do if aliens contact us? Nasa scientists answer:

Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy:

Judge orders Clinton Foundation racketeering case to trial:

Much love everyone. Be prepared for change! It’s here =]

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