My New Piano Performance in Talent Show

Every year the hospital I work at holds a talent show and this year will be the second year that I participated. I played four pieces all together including a baroque piece I wrote myself. It was great fun and I really enjoyed sharing my gifts and abilities with others. If you feel so guided to watch it I hope you enjoy it as well. I did make some mistakes, but hey this ain’t Carnegie Hall!

I decided to incorporate as much symbolism as I could so I put in my Metatron’s cube/merkaba gauges and Eye of Horus necklace that I got a couple years back. I wanted to feature these symbols in a positive light, as originally intended. There are no doubt doctors and other medical staff involved in the Illuminati that went to see this show.

My intention was also to dedicate this performance to the Pizzagate victims, both past, present and future (hopefully not too long into the future). I couldn’t exactly say that though, but I played the pieces with those intentions nonetheless.

Thank you and much love!

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