Synchronicity Report

In the last few days I’ve experienced some amazing synchronicities. I am grateful for all the work that goes into them and I love sharing them with all of you! Those behind-the-scenes really like to put on a show, don’t they??


As you can see my transaction number is 528, which interestingly is the frequency used to repair damaged DNA and is also known as ‘the love frequency‘.

Then there is the 4:44 check out time which is even more wild. I am still amazed to this day at how everything is organized and synchronized with us having to do so little to witness it.

I also went to go check a number that I have been getting again, 925, and I got a nice page view count on the website:


I especially like the 5s because those indicate big changes are occurring or are about to occur. At some point you just learn to go with the flow and just let things happen. I still do my thing and play my role but there’s a lot going on ‘on the other side’ that needs to be allowed to manifest.

This is all I have this time around. No doubt though, there will be more! Much love!

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